2020 Olympics - Tokyo, Japan

  • Canada could challenge more Russia if they stop spiking out :read:Look for the block out!

    There have been many long rallies which finish with a long spike from Canada :gone:

  • Finally Canada is able to stop Volvich!

  • Van Verkel cant be stopped :sos:

  • Kobzar didnt set any single ball to Maxim in all the side outs after point 24, but the first time he does it, Mihkaylov scores :lol:

  • Russia closes the match 3x0. Despite only three 3 sets were played, the match lasted 1:45 hrs.

    The key was the service: 8-3 for Russia.

  • It was a good match indeed.

    Russia won due to its intensity on blocking and serving. There is a lot of effort in defense as well, but Kobzar's connection with the attackers is a bit shaky.

    No surprise here anyway, so let's wait now for the upcoming battles!

  • Russia




    Can’t believe we are gonna ser Brazil VS Poland on the SF

    Brazil and Russia in the same pool, right?

  • Just a reminder in order to avoid misunderstandings, even though it has already been written multiple times here:

    France x Poland

    Italy x Argentina

    Russia x Canada

    Brazil x Japan

    The QF brackets are like this. Russia already defeated Canada, so they are waiting for the winner of BRA x JPN.