Volleyball Thailand League 2020

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  • I saw some article that stated, Diamond food and 3bb's foreigners have returned home, but didn't mentioned about Supreme or Korat's foreigners. Does that mean Supreme and Korat still have their foreigners sticking around in case the final 4 will eventually played out?

  • Diamond Food VC is done with the league as they’re not in the final 4.

    3BB coach mentioned in the news that the players’ visa has expired and it’s impossible to extend it considering the situation.

    Most teams have already let their players go (for now). Some reporters said most of players’ contracts end after the Super League.

    If they decide to do it later, they may have to do it without the foreign players.

    Some also said the league might be canceled all together ;(

    A lot of uncertainties now.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. A lot other leagues has already canceled theirs too.

    it’s so serious now, even Tokyo 2020 has been affected. It’ll most probably be postponed. It’s my first season watching the Thai league, and it was quite exciting. I even saw more of the Chinese players than when they were playing in the Chinese league. If the Thai league final phase were to be cancelled...I hope Supreme, which did well in the second phase will be named champions.