Volleyball Thailand League 2020

  • No official news. Just rumors.

    I personally don’t think she would take a lower deal just to play abroad. Playing abroad could help youngsters to improve themselves but, for Sara, this is close to the end of her career. The only reason she would go abroad is money. If the money is not worth playing in high pressure environment + going out of the country during pandemic period, it’s her choice :)

    I think her salary playing in Thailand is not cheap as well. Maybe not the same level with Italy club though 🤔

  • you're right, she probably wouldn't take a lower deal just to play. What i meant is, she might have to if she was going to play aboard in the current situation. Most clubs around the world had to deal a lower salary for their players. I read that even TVL won't have a sponsor this upcoming season and will be giving out lower price money for the top teams and players. Since it is all up to the Federation or sport authority currently to deal with.

    I just hope there will still be coverage or somebody uploads to Youtube for non native fans to watch too.

  • Let’s hope so. I think the rumor might be true. Sara is close to the head coach (Wanna) and captain (Onuma) of Diamond Food team. The team is also based in BKK which is more convenient to her. Let’s wait for an official announcement.

    Personally, I’d like to see her playing abroad too. It’s highly unlikely at this point though.

  • I wondered how khonkaen will fair this upcoming season? Although Kaewkalaya Kamulthala will be back, 4 other crucial players are leaving(3 abroad and 1 changing club).

    I guess setter kullupa from Diamond will probably be back to khonkaen if rumors of either Nootsara or the tall veteran setter from 3bb is going there are true. Still, what other mbs are coming to help them?

    And recently, heard rumors of Pleumjit possibly going abroad to NEC red rockets in the JVL. But I thought she renwed with Supreme already?

  • rumors of Pleumjit possibly going abroad to NEC red rockets

    With all these star Thai players in Japan it should increase the likelihood of good live streams :thumbup:

  • seems like Ajcharaporn is staying in Supreme and not going anywhere this upcoming season?

    nong Bai Toey moves to Supreme. But I think she should have stayed in Pro flex instead. That way, she gets to be starter and play full time, but at Supreme, she will have competition and might not get much court time. Unless the moved was to make her the starter OP of the team?

  • Supreme’s manager already confirmed that Bai Toey will practice with Supreme but they will lend her to Proflex team (at least in 1st leg) for her to have more chances to play.

    I think it’s quite a good deal for Bai Toey. Supreme has the best physical training in TLV and she still has a chance to be a starter with Proflex.

  • ah ok, thanks for the clarification. Guess it's not so bad after all then.

    What I really like to see happening, is somebody working with Nong Dream. She isn't very agile, but with her natural height advantage, she would be good for blocking(granted trained enough). Regret that young 1.95cm Beach player not converting to indoors(not yet, but hopefully someday soon though haha). She is a tall and solidly built girl with agility and power behind her. Something the indoor NT sure can make use of somehow.

    ...but its not the end of the world if the beach girl doesn't ever convert or Dream gets good enough for senior NT...as there are many tall younger talents in the many provinces too....like the tall young lefty mb(Gigi) from ruea wittaya school that was recently moved to play the OP position. I think if that girl gets trained well enough, she could be a future NT prospect.