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Japan Women’s NT 2020

  • sitenoise Do you have any idea why Risa decides to retire before the Tokyo OG?
    It’d be a big loss to team JPN as she has such an important role on their receiving line... IMO there’s no other player in JPN can take her role. Apart from her superb reception and defense, for a player who is only 173cm, her attacking skills are actually outstanding as well, she can very often scores 10+ points in a match.

    Sad to see such an all-around player to retire that early and suddenly...;(

  • sitenoise Do you have any idea why Risa decides to retire before the Tokyo OG?

    A complete shocker to me.

    Don't tell anyone , but I'm still in the denial phase. It's a misprint on their web site. Can't be true. Doesn't make sense.

    I think she forgot the OGs got cancelled this year and are scheduled to be held next year in Tokyo. When someone enlightens her she will change her mind.

  • I'm out of words to this, can't deal with such a sad news right now. ;(

  • Risa Shinnabe Press Conference (for some reason I'm unable to see it)

    Live @ 14:00

  • Shinnabe is on now. I forgot about Daylight Savings Time. I also forgot I don't understand Japanese :S

  • she said that she had expected to retire after the Tokyo Games, but with their postponement and an injury (did not specify the injury) that would require a long rehab she decided to retire.

  • Japanese Volleyball Magazine said that she would have a surgery on a finger in her right hand.

    She will move into a second career with the newly established Saga Hisamitsu Springs team, The new holding company for the team.

  • The Japanese are so weird. That press conference looked more like a murder trial than a loving goodbye.

  • Juicy bits:

    ――A solid question, do you have a plan to get married? (Lol)

    Shinnabe: No (laughs)

    ――I think it's indispensable for Shinnabe to play a volleyball career with Kumi Nakata, the Japanese national team coach. Did you consult with her?

    Shinnabe: I made a report to Director Nakata after I decided to retire.

    ――What was the reaction?

    Shinnabe: That's... a secret (laughs)

    ――If possible, please tell us what kind of words Director Nakata could say to the player who decided to retire.

    Shinnabe: Not possible (laughs)

  • Nakata is probably devastated, as I am. Who will take her place. =/

  • Nakata is probably devastated, as I am. Who will take her place. =/

    Poor Kumi. I imagine she was expecting to have her whole Hisamitsu squad for this Olympic cycle when she accepted NT Coach. No Nagaoka and now no Shinnabe.

    No one can take Risa's place. Japan has a lot of good receivers but Risa was so beautiful standing there waiting for a serve. She had that look of: "Yeah, this is my favorite part of the game".

  • Nagaoka to the NT :drink:


    I hope she stays healthy :thumbup:

    This OG cycle was supposed to be Nagaoka on the right, Kurogo on the left. Never happened (maybe for a moment at WCh? I can't remember). I hope they both stay healthy and we finally see it. Changes the team dramatically

  • It says at the bottom of that Instapost: "Pay Per View Live Streaming Service: Japan Domestic Only" :(

    And from the streaming service FAQ that's broadcasting it:

    Q - I live overseas, but can I purchase and watch?

    A - Currently, we do not support purchase and viewing from outside Japan. We plan to support ticket sales for overseas customers as well, but at the moment, we are not ready for purchasing.

    Way to go Japan :wall:

  • What is so hard about it I will never understand .... you have the perfect opportunity to get our money!!!

    About Risa's press conference, whoever put that lip gloss on her needs to be fired haha It is sad now that the JP OG Squad that got me into volleyball has mostly retired with the exception of Erika (I hope she plays til she's 40 but I bet she will also retire after next year).

    They used to have superb reception and okay setting (after Takeshita). Without Risa, JP reception is probably at its weakest. Now they have so-so reception, weak setting, and weak offense. I might be too pessimistic but I don't want to see them get crushed on home ground next year. I hope the assistant coach does his magic ...

  • Think of it this way. Many Japanese online businesses are not set up to include foreign addresses. Look at the states whenever you fill out city, state and postal for some sites, you have to dig for United States sometimes. In Japan, it just is not that way with their online systems.

    Raketen had to set up a special site for the FIVB to sell foreign tickets for the World Champs in 2018. And even then it was still quirky and I was glad I got my tickets to the matches I got. It is much easier while there because convenience stores have most any event available to purchase or pick up tickets before going to an event.