COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

  • And I like this....

    Sweden is taking a chill approach to the virus, no quarantina, no serious stay at home decisions, restaurants still open...I think they shut down most high schools and universities though, but still did not close the borders. Numbers did not increase drastically here though, which might be because they decided to test only risk groups (older people or people with side diseases).

    I think they are also aiming for the idea of "keeping risk groups at home and away from the virus" while making non-risk groups exposed to the virus and helping them to get immunity against it gradually, without overloading the healthcare system.

  • what? No.

  • I know all our emotions are running high, what with being scared and (for the most part) cooped up, but c'mon guys, relax. You are both something of an institutions to this site, and it would really suck losing either of you.

  • Yes, of course. Please quote the part of it that contradicts what I said. Where does it say healthy young people are dying? And you still haven't defined what you mean by "young". When I say it, I mean younger than 40. What about you?

    At most, they show that tweet from that one person who says he is in ICU with respiratory distress, but neither he nor the article claim that he doesn't have some chronic illness (by "not at risk" he can just mean "younger than 60", for instance).

    half of the people in critical care are younger than 65, if you don’t think that’s serious, ok , whatever ...

  • Well, your moderator skills were pretty shitty so I take it as a wise decision and you should have done that a while ago. on the other hand I have nothing against your volleyball related comments.

    there’s no need for this kind of comment, you’re the shithole, maybe you should leave.

    matthias did whatever he could, it’s not an easy job.

    matthias, please don’t leave.

  • Despite the disagreements you are both valuable members of the forum and it would be a major loss if either one of you left. I’m clearly not the only one who thinks so, so I hope you both reconsider.

  • Sis (to use your language) there is no need for you to leave. I'm outta here :wavy::gone:

    Dont leave bruh!

    I think you should just use mod power as it has been requested and just ban people like Umu11 for their vulgar language

    I don't understand this attitude "oh there's no written rules in the forum, so I'll do whatever I want and no one can say anything about it" you don't need written rules for behaving yourself, having common sense should be enough for that!

    Leaving forum will only make the level worse Matthias you should just avoid these bully gang

  • A Jovana Brakocevic's facebook post, primarily aimed at the Serbian public and the state and understanding of the virus in our country, but I think it can be generalized, of course.

    "I don't write often, almost never but here I am now in need. Covid-19 is a virus that has shut us down at home. But is that just it? The Corona virus is dying. It's a fact. And not just dying. He dies alone. Nowhere but medical staff equipped to barely see their eyes. No one to grab the dying and sick. Nobody. Something worse has happened in the Italian city of Bergamo today. The army retrieved the coffins of the deceased and took them directly to the crematorium. That's it. No one could see them. No one to say goodbye to these people. They entered the hospital infected, fighting alone, without their loved ones. And lost .. alone ... without their loved ones. There will be no funeral. Cremated and that's it. My dear you keep going out for coffee. To remember parks or malls. To visit shopping malls or shops or whatever else is not being forcibly closed. Put yourself and your loved ones at risk not only of becoming infected but also of dying alone. Let's be smarter. We love not only our lives, but also the lives of our loved ones and all other people that we can potentially put in danger. Let's get the law as strict as possible so this black time will pass as soon as possible. I hope this post will at least change the mindset of someone and try to convince their close friends or anyone to have time for cafes. The point is, we're all healthy!"


    Post is originaly written on Serbian language, and i did not have patience to translate by myself, also i notice some erros but i hope that you will understand.

  • Well, your moderator skills were pretty shitty so I take it as a wise decision and you should have done that a while ago. on the other hand I have nothing against your volleyball related comments.

    Lol, this forum was a much better place before people like you started writing actually. Have been here for so many years and the last 2 years has been the worse. We could discuss volleyball without racism and trolling and whoever tried to troll was getting banned anyway. Matthias is one of the last mods who actually do something for the forum. I wish he was not being as nice to you guys and just banned directly. Thank you for your good work and patience Matthias, hope you did not mean it.

  • To avoid misunderstandings, the fact that I didn't delete your post towards him might give you an impression that I understand why you did that. Still, this is not the level of communication this forum (or the world, for that matter) had back when this forum started, so I took this as an example.

    I still think you are a good mod. You are allowing free speech and not just one side.

    Don’t mind the haters. They just want their opinion as one true fact.

  • I just read…eth-esta-com-coronavirus/

    Apparently he went to France on vacation last week and got back to Russia. I mean, seriously?

    If this is true, I don't know what is worse, Kazan letting a player travel internationally during the outbreak of the virus or Ngapeth himself for doing that.

    I've given up on him so many years ago. Common sense and talent sometimes never mix well.

    you know what, I changed my mind. This mod isnt worth it anymore to me.

    Plot twist: Matthias and crovolley are the same person. :gone:

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  • Regarding the number of cases in China, to clarify, it's only no new local infections according to official data. China still reported 39 imported cases yesterday.

    FYI, despite no new case reported, the entire Hubei province is still under lockdown. For other parts of China where there have been no new cases for days (either local or imported), more restrictions are still in place than those in some other countries.

    Play your agenda and question the credibility of the data however you like it. Just do you part and practice social distancing. It's a pandemic now. We can only end this together.

  • I also just read an article says that Iran probably has about 500000 to 2000000 infected people, just insane.

    wow and that was 10 days ago, what's the number now in new articles ? 15 millions ? I guess in next 10 days it will be 80 millions, unfortunately the total population is 80m and they can't go higher when they guess

    the situation is of course very bad though

  • First, I kind of wanted to reply to those hateful, disrespectful comments about me but I realized I don’t want to keep fighting with these people. Just stay away from me. Thank you very much.

    As I said in my earlier post, I never had anything against Matthias volleyball comments, I don’t have nothing against anyone on this topic but It is my right to express if I am satisfied with someone’s moderator skills or not.

    I also don’t want to keep busy here with these kind of nonsense. At least from my part.

    Hope to read more articles about Covid-19 on this topic and updates from around the world. Hope we will start hearing good news.


  • Matthias leaving this forum would be a terrible loss. In my years of browsing this forum, I always look forward to his knowleadgeable comments and in-depth analysis of the game. I learn a great deal from them. For the most part, he's balanced and eloquent in his opinions which makes him one (if not the most) valuable contributor in this forum alongside marshemellow (where is he/she btw?) and JoanaBG. :)

  • Anyways, hope everyone here would be reasonable and calm. And don't forget to stay healthy and safe! :)