COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

  • I am worried by the new restrictions that Italy wants to implement where they want to close a lot of the economy. I have the feeling the government is panicking now. The economical impact will be huge and that will lead to suffering.

    I wonder if the government has understood the dynamics of the disease. It seems to take about 5 days before people show symptoms. For severe cases, people are hospitalised 5 days later or so. If they die, death occurs another a week later. All in all, that is almost 20 days from infection to death. So almost all the people dying today have been infected before the lockdown started. So I don't see why anyone can say the previous measures are not working.

    Obviously they want to avoid another Bergamo. Italy and the other countries will need to find a way to handle the crisis without totally wrecking their economy which will have serious consequences and people will die in various ways from the effects of that. We will have to make sure that the measures taken do not cause more harm than the disease. It is a very difficult decision of course seeing how bad the situation in Bergamo and other places (Mulhouse, Madrid for example) is at the moment.

  • With all this happening, earthquake just hit our capital town, and it was huge, 5.9.

    Disaster is gone happend in Zagreb. Everyone are outside, hospital are in damage....;(

    It's sad to hear that :(

    Hope you are fine!

  • Still big numbers but at least less numbers than yesterday in Italy.

    5,5k new cases and 651 death people :(

    I hope it will be lower day by day

  • Almost 800 deaths yesterday, today nearly 700 and the day is not over yet... oh my God... this is tragedy.

    This updates are 24h hours, so now number is going from 0, and We will get new numbers tomorrow at 18h.

    I mean not so much important, just so you know that is is official number for today.

    I will repeat, thank you God it is getting lower and I hope it will be like this even further because it is not yet 14days from complete quarantine.

    Numbers NEEDS to go lower... ;(

  • But in USA there is 13,9k new cases, this numbers is INSANE :white::white:

  • Starting tomorrow at 6 am local time, Greece is in lockdown as well. Civilians are able to leave home only for the usual "necessary reasons" (work, supermarket, pharmacy, doctor etc) and only carrying the proper identification and certificate. Greece also had 94 new cases in the past 24 hours,counting 624 in total,as well as 2 additional deaths (bringing the toll to 15).

  • When I saw news from USA I had impression that Americans ignored corona/warnings even more than Italians.

    I think this is the biggest number in single day in 1 country :white:

    I hope USA will wake up very soon, this is there last call :white:

  • Here in the Philippines we just finished our first week in lockdown. Our stock market closed a few days ago. Luzon Island where Metro Manila is located is in lockdown, home to at least half of our population (112 M).

    Cebu, Negros and Iloilo are islands in the Visayas. These islands are also in lockdown. Inter-island travel via Air and Sea are banned.

    Our economy is small compared to yours in Italy, but social distancing is Key.

  • the decline in nos. is a good sign. I hope it continues. May your God(s) and My God bless us all.

  • Once testing actually starts in the USA, get ready for some scary numbers

  • When I saw news from USA I had impression that Americans ignored corona/warnings even more than Italians.

    College kids went to spring break in MIAMI a few days ago.