COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

  • Wow normal post withour rude comments, thank you for your opinion.

    Its ok. I think one problem you have is you read something and immediately post your opinion without calming down/fact checking one more time. I used to do this too actually and have the same problem and it made everyone mad. And I was called crazy names as well like troll, impulsive, drama queen etc.

    Best is when you see something that annoys you, makes you angry or you have a different opinion from to step back and ignore it and come back and respond later. tip.

  • Sweden is a good example in order to learn more about the corona virus crisis. But before giving an opinion, I strongly believe we have to see the whole forest, not just a tree. It means, not only the death rate or infected numbers. There are lot of variables and factors behind the Swedish case, as well as in every single country.

    We should take on count not only the quality of the health system of each country in an pandemic, but also the demographics, the sociocultural factors, etc.

    First, we have to see the "prepararedness". Sweden was considered between the top10 countries most prepared countries in the world in order to face a pandemic. We should also take in consideration not only the population of Sweden, and most important, its population density. That's a key difference with Belgium and the Netherlands.

    And then, sure of course, we shouldnt forget the sociocultural factors.

    In the other hand, we shouldnt forget that the world doesnt start and end in Europe. Sure most of the users are europeans here, but there are different worlds outside Europe.

    There are a lot of countries whose health care system was already collapsed or in the brink of fall down way before the COVID19 crisis. Countries where you have to wait not days, but months in order to get a bed for a surgery, countries where a normal tuesday early morning you could see a huge queue for getting medicines, rearrange an appointment or even worse, wait in the corridor for a emergency bed.

    Unfortunately, those countries cant have the privilege of underestimating the virus or see how it goes on.They must be drastic, "soviet" style in order to avoid the spread. They know they arent ready for this. This is why you can see that many of these countries have taken harsh measures even way before than Spain, Italy, USA, and so on. At least they have a bit time to "prepare" , watching the examples in Europe, but it is just a matter of time for the the total collapse. It is a chronicle of a death foretold.

    I would also like to highlight that most of the population of these countries live "day by day", as I already mentioned in other post. If they dont work one day, they wont eat the following one. Despite of that, they are staying at home, waiting for a government aid that probably would never arrive. And also, watching how people from the so called first world countries go out and protest against the lockdown, while their nurses, doctors, police etc are risking their life to protect them.


    Is this guy the biggest troll ever or what? This is a great moment to use a famous phrase from a friend 'you are showing your ignorance once again' :aww:


    Is this guy the biggest troll ever or what? This is a great moment to use a famous phrase from a friend 'you are showing your ignorance once again' :aww:

    "One of the hallmarks of the dangerously stupid is the consistent belief they’ve found great solutions that experts somehow missed."


    "We're going to land a man on the sun by going at night."

  • Can someone explain to me the intense and targeted hatred I'm reading online on Bill Gates?

    I don't think he deserves any of it and I don't even want to deal with it on twitter because the conspiracy theories are just bonkers so I would rather want to discuss this with more sane people on this forum.

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  • Today I went out for the first time in the last 2 months. It was so emotional! I'm full of positive vibes right now! :cheesy:

    I am super happy to hear that but I hope it doesn't mean 'only positive vibes' QueenPiccininiLover is back :rolll:

  • Here in the US there is an increase of a rare illness believed being linked to Coronavirus that is affecting children. From what I read it's currently called Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome. Are other countries reporting something similar to this?

  • Croatia almost come back in normal life, and now everyone can go in Croatia normally without home isolation of 14 days.

    Caffe bar, restorans, public places, gym's everything is open ofc with new rules of new normal.

    New cases are people who are coming back in Croatia.

    We will see how will it go.

    They have report it that new COVID patients has no or minimum symptoms in last couple of days.

    We are at 285 active cases and 9 serious critical cases.

  • I think that the quarentine will take a long time in Brasil. ;(

  • Slovenia announced end of epedemic.

    In Croatia We had only 1 case today and We are open for tourists. :D