Turkey NT 2020

  • We have to praise Naz as well. Most of those attacks were against running blocks :white:

    Agreed, Naz made her attack against single block many times:white:

    Hande's game was finally maturing to a consistent level during OG qualifications, it is a pity that she got the injury while she was in her career peak

  • imo Cansu's precision, her 'touch' is so next level :cheesy: if she beats her struggles with her nerves and continues improving she can be a legendary name in the future tbh.

    I think there is something to what others have said: Naz seems better attuned than Cansu to what the other side of the net is doing. Experience will help with that. I'm on the Cansu train and I'm not getting off.

  • Tribute to Eda <3

    Can I just say Eda-Cansu connection was something else and not enough people spoke about it imo :love: Eda reaches perfect height in literally almost all these sets and it's placed... perfect. When I mean perfect, I mean perfect :heart:

    Really wish Cansu went to play full time at least for 2020-2021 :(

  • That was on my youtube feed as well. :lol:

    Eda is one of those middles that can do it all, not to mention she also has great leadership. :rose:

  • What is your all time dream team for Turkish NT?





  • Naz-Neslihan




    I would have replaced Aysun Özbek with Zehra. Aysun might be one of the best slide attacker( if not best) I've ever watched. She is one of a kind. Pity how her career ended☹️