Polish NT 2020

  • Where Aleksandra Rasinka , Martyna Łukasik again ? Nawrocki look like her so much.

    Rasińska wasn't even on the camp :)

  • Górecka and Centka are my biggest hopes from this generation. Centka is super fit but also fast and has a good strong swing. Ziółkowska performed well with 6 blocks. Overall I’m happy and satisfied about their performance. Hope that some of the girls will make it to the senior NT more important tournaments.

  • For me, yesterdays match was very good picture how much Górecka is talented. She is phenomenal in reception and she thinks what to do in attack. She and Fedusio can be defensive duo for years. And both are very good in offensive as well. Adding Wołosz, Smarzek Alagierska and Kowalewska to this group makes it very tough opponent for each team. I'm happy that we finally can forget about Grajber in NT and Mędrzyk can feel very endangered.

    Also I'm waiting for Drużkowska and Orzoł. There will be very tight as in men's NT.

    I feel that big times for Polish NT are coming, but our very slow coach can destroy this potential and that's only worry.

  • Poland will play two friendly games against Swiss NT at the end of July

  • hey

    I would like to ask a question to some polish fans

    I would like to know why Poland was so strong at Europe but could never achieve anything outside

    I mean they won or gave fight to top teams but at the end of tournament they were just at middle

    At the time Netherlands won a Grand Prix and Serbia was bronze medal at World Championship

    And i considered that they had better team,skowronska,glinka and dorota were amazing but they didn!t even qualify to qf at 08 olympics

  • I think it all started when the federation partet ways with Niemczyk and hired Bonita instead. Many players like Bełcik or Barańska had problems with him and the chemistry in the team was bad. Matlak afterwards was a mess, too. Skowrońska didn’t even want to be part of the NT under his guidence. Sadly the girls had to fight wars which where not related to sports. And PZPS is still doing the wrong decisions.

  • In the future I hope Grabka will be main setter in NT, Friendly match w Switzerland her perform so good.

  • Martyna Czyrniańska top score tonight attack so good but reception so weak.

  • I just found this commercial video of cream cheese with Mariola Zenik. :lol::flower: Her reception was always great, I miss her on court.

  • I just found this commercial video of cream cheese with Mariola Zenik. :lol::flower: Her reception was always great, I miss her on court.

    Aww Zenik I miss her too.

    Nice. It looks like it was shot in her hometown in Węgrów?