Russia -Superleague 2019-2020

  • Yes.

    Dynamo - Lokomotiv Final

    Kazan - Petersburg - 3rd place match

    Dang Zenit Sp is Moscow's bit*h. 14 consecutive losses.. I'd still root for Zenit, hope they can take the bornze and beat Kazan :wavy:

    Lokomotive is the best team of the season (along with Kazan) and the gap betwen the two teams is not so big, and Kurkaev no doubt is the best MB this season.

  • Just watched the match, dang I hope Loko takes this to a tie-break :box:

  • Dinamo Moscow is the champion!

    MVP: Pavel Pankov

    Best Setter: Pavel Pankov

    Best Opposite: Tsvetan Sokolov

    Best MBs: Ilyas Kurkaev, Alexander Volkov

    Best OHs: Denis Bogdan, Sergey Savin

    Best Libero: Roman Martynyuk

  • I couldn´t watch this final six but since last year Pankov is taking all the MVPs. Last season, Sokolov deserved most of them but seems they don´t want to give it to him^^.

    I think Sokolov should have been named MVP, and Luburic should have been best Opp. Pankov deserves best setter (in the absence of Christenson).

  • I could not watch much of this year's season, but this was one of those cases that exemplify how single matches are not really the best indicator of the best team!

    Kazan deserved the title, and to be honest it was sort of boring to see Dinamo winning after such an underwhelming season. Would have preferred Lokomotiv to prevail a lot more.

    Not much to say, apart from Zenit's continued deception...

  • OMG I gotta watch the replay of this. Anyone knows the link for the whole replay of the league? There is this website that I used to follow the league.