Poland - Tauron Liga 2020/21

  • Could someone link the website showing the stat

    DPD Legionovia - Budowlani Łódź 3:0 (27, 22, 22)

    MVP: Olivia Różański

    Różański 15, Rivero 15, Oliveira Souza 13 /// Jones Perry 21, Fedusio 13, Górecka 7

    Could you give me the link for the stats?

  • volleykovic Damaske scored 16 pts and Centka - 19 ;)


    Good game by Centka and Szczurowska. Also, libero Julia Mazur played quite good. It was her first game in the highest division.

    What can I say, I was surprised that team with so many young girls on the court: Mazur (2001), Szczurowska (2001), Szperlak (2000), Centka (2000) beat experienced ŁKS. I'm afraid ŁKS might lose the game againt Calcit Kamnik on Tuesday.

  • Developres Rzeszów - Joker Świecie 3:0 (25-10, 25-14, 25-14)

    MVP: Aleksandra Rasińska

    Rasińska 20 (68%), Lazić 11 (60%), Grabka 10 /// Marcyniuk 7, Muszyńska 4

    Great performance by Rasińska! :heart:

    So far Rzeszow is the most convincing team, or not?

  • I would say there are, however they played against Wrocław, Budowlani Łódź and Świecie so far. Let's wait for the games against stronger teams.

  • So far Rzeszow is the most convincing team, or not?

    For me Rzeszów, Radom and Legionovia look the most convincing at the moment ;)

    But every of these teams has its own problem - in Rzeszów Lazić is very shaky in reception and she also has a lot of problems in attack, in Legionovia also reception is very shaky but their OPP Oiveira Souza doesn’t convience me at all, she is too slow. In Radom thanks to Skorupa everybody looks quite good but their OH Twardowska has very good or very bad matches, nothing in between.

    I am sure Police and ŁKS will be back to their good game and the league will be even more interesting :super:

  • The game between PTPS Piła and Chemik Police will be postponed. Someone from Piła was tested positive for Covid-19.

  • Standings after 3 rounds

    1. Developres Rzeszów 9 points

    2. Radomka 8

    3. BKS Bielsko-Biała 8

    4. Legionovia 8

    5. MKS Kalisz 5

    6. Pałac Bydgoszcz 4

    7. ŁKS Łódź 4

    8. Joker Świecie 3

    9. Chemik Police 2*

    10. Budowlani Łódź 0

    11. #VolleyWrocław 0

    12. PTPS Piła 0*

    * - one game less

  • Janiuk MVP for the 3rd time in a row! She is impressive:!:

    Janiuk is the new Ewa Kwiatkowska :rose:who also came from first league and was one of the best middles.

  • Hi everyone, there's some place where we can rewatch the games? Thnkx.

  • Oh, no :(

    She played so well this season. I hope she will be back soon!

  • Developres Rzeszów - DPD Legionovia 3:0 (19, 21, 14)

    MVP: Alexandra Lazić

    Rasińska 17, Lazić 16 (59%), Blagojević 13 (50%) /// Rivero Marin 12, Oliveira Souza 9, Szczyrba 7

    I’m so sad for Różański ;( I hope she will be ready to play soon, Legionowo will have now a lot of problems cause their other OHs are very weak.

    Great match by Rzeszów’s setter Marta Krajewska, I am very impressed, I hope she will keep it and she can be even considered for NT. Great progress in such a short period of time.

  • ŁKS Łodź 3 : 1 Pałac Bydgoszcz

    ( 21-25, 25-23, 26-24, 25-17 )

    MVP - Aleksandra Wójcik

    Wójcik 19, Lazovic 15, Zaroślińska 17, Dascalu 16, Różynska 13, Żurowska 12

    In the 3rd set Pałac was leading 16-6, 23-16 and still lost :what: