Poland - Tauron Liga 2020/21

  • In 2nd RAdomka from 19:23 to 24:23 but finally lost.

    In Radomka pressure is so high, Twardowska looks like she would cry in a second. Pressure maker is Skorupa, but i don;t blame her. Maybe Twardowska will learn how to play for high goals.

    if she didn’t lernt to this moment I this is to late. She is not so young and younger girls are so much better than her... this is the weeks point of Radom.

  • Pressure maker is Skorupa, but i don;t blame her.

    Very good. They need pressure. Twardowska was bad yesterday. Johnson? No comment, the worst point of the team. How Skorupa can play if she has reception on 3rd or 4th meter? Reception was awful. Performance of the most important players was awful. Bench? I forgot. They don't have a bench. And know coach have a headache - what to do to find a place in the final? Chemik will be too strong. Rzeszów too strong. Budowlani and ŁKS the same level. They have to find a solution for better reception and to find a way to Twardowska's head.

  • Skorupa has always complained to her teammates throughout her career. Sometimes her attitude is just too much IMO.

    I'm wondering is this "too much" or maybe "I know how to win". At the moment I'm closer to the 2nd opinion and agree with upper opinions that for some players Skorupa's level is too much and they can't play as good as she. But as a setter she helps her teammates so many time, she is really great and her teammates are not able to use her help and waste chances.

  • Kubacka is already injured?:white:

  • Developres Rzeszów - Radomka Radom 3:0

    MVP: Kiera Van Ryk

    Van Ryk 20, Fidon-Lebleu 10, Blagojević 9 /// Honorio 18, Johnson 8, Twardowska 7

    #Volley Wrocław - BKS Bielsko-Biała 0:3

    MVP: Kinga Drabek

    Murek 10, Rapacz 6, Witkowska 6 /// Orvosova 17, Kossanyiova 13, Kazała 6
    Chemik Police - ŁKS Łódź 3:0

    MVP: Marlena Kowalewska

    Strantzali 14, Brakocević 14, Kąkolewska 11 /// Zaroślińska 10, Ninković 8, Wójcik 8

  • Skorupa has always complained to her teammates throughout her career. Sometimes her attitude is just too much IMO.

    Agree but Twardowska for example is 26 y.o. It's her 8th season in the highest division. She spent few years with National Team, she played many games in European Cups. I think she should know how to handle with big pressure.

    Regarding ŁKS, I recently read an interview with Masek. It looks like Wawrzyńczyk isn't fully ready to play. Laszczyk is just average junior player, and the team might transfer another spiker.

  • Thank you my dear :)

    I agree that Lazovic is very messy this season

    I thought she will be Brankica's replacement in NT, but her level dropped drastically.

    I feel that Chemik will be a champion eventually. 2-3 is for Rzeszow/Budowlani Łódź. Radomka is weak tbh, it is all about Skorupa and Honorio. ŁKS's players look out of shape. IMO all of them perform not good enough.

  • MKS Kalisz 0 : 3 Pałac Bydgoszcz

    ( 16-25, 19-25, 23-25 )

    MVP - Magdalena Mazurek :thumbup:

    Gałkowska 13, Gromadowska 8, Szperlak 6, Centka 6, Ptak 6, Dascalu 17, Bidias 16, Ziółkowska 12

    Pałac finally playing good. They had a horrible begging of the season but Bidias really helped them. Her reception is great.

  • Standings after 16 rounds:

    1. Developres Rzeszów 38* points

    2. Radomka Radom 34

    3. ŁKS Łódź 32

    4. Budowlani Łódź 31*

    5. Chemik Police 30*

    6. BKS Bielsko Biała 29

    7. Legonovia 23

    8. MKS Kalisz 23+

    9. Pałac Bydgoszcz 18

    10. #VolleyWrocław 13

    11. Joker Świecie 10

    12. PTPS Piła 4

    * one game less

    + one game more

    Schedule for next week:

    Jan 22, BKS Bielsko Biała - Budowlani Łódź, 20:30, TV

    Jan 24, Pałac Bydgoszcz - Joker Świecie, 17:30, Ipla [Free]

    Jan 24, ŁKS Łodź - #VolleyWrocław, 20:30, TV

    Jan 25, Radomka - Legionovia, 17:30, TV

    Jan 25, MKS Kalisz - Chemik Police, 20:30, TV

    Jan 26, Developres Rzeszów - Budowlani Łódź, 17:30, Ipla [Free]

    1/8 Cup schedule:

    Jan 20, Budowlani Łódź - Pałac Bydgoszcz, 15:00

    Jan 20, San Pajda Jarosław - #VolleyWrocław, 17:00

    Jan 20, Płomień Sosnowiec - Developres Rzeszów, 18:00

    Jan 20, Chemik Police- Legionovia, 18:00, Ipla [Free]

    Jan 20, NOSIR Nowy Dwór- PTPS Piła, 18:00

    Jan 20, Stal Mielec - Radomka, 18:00

    Jan 20, ŁKS Łódź - MKS Kalisz, 20:30

    Jan 27, BKS Bielsko Biała - Joker Świecie, 18:00, Ipla [Free]

    As for now, there is info that only one game will be streamed, but I guess it might change.