Poland - Tauron Liga 2020/21

  • if it will be another achilles tendon injury that would be not fair for Chemik :mad:

  • I still don’t know what has happened there. I had impression that she just had epic failure but she didn’t stand up after the service so it may be that she got injured when she put her feet.

    she could tore her achilles when she jumped from that foot ...you put quite a pressure on your achilles by this move .. I have quite a few experiences with my teammates tearing their achilles by various moves

  • When I saw her walking some steps again I thought maybe it's not that serious after all, but then I remembered a teammate of mine who tore his Achilles tendon in a match many years ago and drove to the hospital with his own car with that injury because nobody else from the team was old in enough to drive :white: But coming back to Wasilewska, I wish her all the best and that it's less serious than it looked. Cansu Aydinogullari had a similar looking injury in Turkish league some weeks ago and is back on court now so maybe there is hope :flower:

  • and what injury have Kubacka? it would be complete disaster when Chemik will remain with 2 from 5 MBs

  • and what injury have Kubacka? it would be complete disaster when Chemik will remain with 2 from 5 MBs

    I still remember season 2014/15 when Legionovia had 6 MBs (Szymańska, Thibeault, Połeć, Alagierska, Paszyńska and Studzienna) but 5 had some kind of injuries and Ettore Guidetti converted Iga Wasilewska back to MB <3

  • And Developres is out of polish cup.

    The final 4 tournament will be played next weekend in Nysa.

    Chemik Police will play against ŁKS Łódź

    Budowlani Łódź will face-off Radomka

  • now match Swiecie-Pila..its really pleasure to watch Wenerska and her setting

  • Piła lost to Świecie so it's 100% sure that Piła will be relegated to second division. I am really happy about it because they have so many problems every season with money. I hope Gawlak, Wystel and both their libero Pawłowska and Bodasińska will find club in Tauron Liga next season, they are very good players.

  • DPD Legionovia - ŁKS Łódź 3:1

    MVP: Shelly Stafford

    Rivero Marin 20, Oliveira Souza 17, Stafford 17, Tokarska 12, Różański 11 /// Lazović 16, Zaroślińska 12, Wójcik 11

    The best game by Legionovia so far, whole team played amazing :super:

  • Chemik is losing 2-1 against Wrocław. Looks like Jasek is playing her 2nd good game this season :D

  • So Wasilewska has Achilles rapture and will need to have surgery. Probably we won’t see her this season.
    There is some curse on Chemik this season...🧙‍♀️

    Now is definitely that she's out for the rest of season

    So bad cause she was main weapon of chemik in many matches

  • poor Iga, so its that bad as I expected;(

    as for the match , Chemik with second line-up which was quite predictable..I expected that they can have problems with winning but still I think they should be more reliable...Baldyga had many not precise sets specially for Strantzali, when Marlena came in 2 set, Strantzali was playing 2 classes better...Zurawska is probably the weakest second libero of the time Chemik is back in league, in defense she is not able to defend most of the balls..as for Lukasik, it will be best for her to leave Chemik and start to play somewhere in 6..she needs to play and in Chemik I think it won´t happen regularly