• what a match here US x CHN in 2011 WCup. just finished watching the 2nd set... so many legends were present here. and a special place in my heart for zhang lei, what a player she was....

    but read the comment at the bottom and look who replied ... 8|=O8o:/

    so guys, be careful what you say here, she might be reading this... LOL

  • Lol she loves to "interact" on social media

  • The best "ego search" I've ever seen :lol:

  • wow... what an incredible match. a bit of a preview of their london match...

    hooker was in incredible form. 37 points. was 2011-2012 her peak years? i only know of the US campaign in london in that period. it's a pity karch didn't like her and went with murphy instead after london...

    such a roster of legends in that match. hui, wei, even the libero zhang xian was so good... on US side, tom, larson, foluke... but US reception in that match was atrocious. they were amateurish.

    and MVP award? went to davis!!!!!!! what a joke...

    zhang lei was just amazing... a "fake" OPP, she received serve, attacked backslides in 2, and high balls in 1. and she was good at all of those...

  • hooker was in incredible form. 37 points. was 2011-2012 her peak years?

    Can say yes, she was incredible also at WGP 2011 and won MVP award, instead of that i remember that she was amazing in semifinal match against Serbia and USA easily won 3-0 that match later and hole tournament.

    She was also was good at WCH 2010 but not how in 2011 and London.

  • another great match:

    mari struggled and was replaced by sassa. was mari coming back from injury? is that why she started declining at this time?

    anyone has US x BRA???? US x ITA???? CHN x ITA????

  • Mari was already dead about that time at only 27-28 years old...this tournament made it clear that she should be out of the NT

    Her 2010 injury killed her career. She had many other injuries but that one was awful.

  • what was mari's injury?

    here's BRA x KOR... can you believe how young KYK was, and just a year later, she'd be london's MVP????? this KOR team is a mess, only KYK and OPP hwang are effective offensively, and the middles don't contribute much... but BRA struggled to beat them... a preview of their london clash...?

  • Mari suffered an ACL at the World Grand Prix in the match against Poland, that injury destroyed her career, like Sidney said. It was much more serious than the one she had in Fenerbahçe. That's why she wasn't at the World Championship in Japan. Paula Pequeno also got injured in that Grand Prix and missed the championship.

  • Yes, that was sad. Brazil could have had Paula and Mari duo again at the WCH 2010 but both of them got injuried. I think we could have beaten Russia with the full roster.

  • Italy winning WC in 2011 with Costagrande MVP was unexpected. I don't remember what really happened but I think we all believed that the US would get that title.

  • And McCutcheon was always ATROCIOUS changing tactics when his didn't work.

    Yeah, that's the case with most of the coaches from the american school, but he made the USA team play 10 times better than Kiraly. Akinradewo (the whole team actually) was a blocking machine back then.

  • I remember that Germany upset USA, Angelina Grun really changed the German team when she decided to come back to indoor volleyball

    I saw also Heather Bown in the video, in my opinion she wasn't inferior to Scott-Arruda or Akinradewo at all and I still don't get why she was cut in 2012 :mad:

  • i don’t know what was going on with the US team but i assume it was because she was older, and with the ascension of foluke & harmotto, the last spot was between her & danni... i’m sure it was a tough call for the coaches on who to take to london.

    i don’t know, i also wasn’t too impressed with mccutcheon as a coach. but then lang ping also didn’t get a better result in beijing... but heck, nobody was going to stop BRA in 2008.

    also did the US not have a better backup OPP than haneef-park by then? she didn’t do much in london.