• which cycle? 2008? metcalf was in the 2004 team, right? in 2008, haneef's backup was willoughby, sometimes ogonna.

    checking wikipedia, they took busse as backup OPP to 2007 WC...


    QueenPiccinini said this was Willoughby's only year in the NT. What I don't remember is who played as the backup for Hanneef before during the years the OG 2008.

  • busse and metcalf, maybe? can't recall which years metcalfe was in the NT...

    come to think of it, glass also didn't have many years in the NT, did she?

    She joined the team in 2007 and was a starter that year and in 2008. I think she was back to training at the NT in the following years but got cut in the major championships (WC 11 and OG 12).

  • It might be off topic, but do you guys know Willoughby got accused and sentenced for killing her daughter a few years ago

    I remember that. Did she go to prison? For how much time?

  • she was in the 2004 OG team, but also got cut from 2008 OG.

    here's an interesting match, metcalfe as starting OPP (busse her backup), haneef as passing OH.

    I was talking about Kim Glass:lol:

  • Gosh I just read her wikipedia, what a scary person. She has a history of being abusive. I'm not sure but that must be the female volleyball player most involved in crime. I can forget everything but how can you murder any child let alone your own... I can't blame that on just a rough childhood sorry, she was sick.

    She is also distantly related to legend Scott-Arruda.

  • holy €£%#$&@!!!!!!

    i am shocked about that... also shocked that she had such a long history with many clubs. “best receiver “ award in a CEV tournament?

    i am not surprised she didn’t last in the NT with that kind of personality issues... obviously a very troubled person. and karch kicked out hooker for their disagreement????

  • When she played in Santeramo, she had a fight with her teammate Melean (a spanish naturalized setter). She punched the poor Martina Mataloni in the eye, when she was trying to stop them. :lol: