Italy - Serie A1 2020/21

  • Oh Egonu what can't you do ??

    Sylla is still not in good shape with her attack. If She doesn't get perfect set hard that She can't score. If She can improve her shape She will be bench player very soon when Hill comes back...

  • Yes but it needs to improve a lot

    I don't know if someone has the same problems as me

    I can't register the password at my mobile phone and in fact i needed to create a new acount because the old i have and i suscribed for 12 months isn't working (i wait for an answer)

    Also if i quit watching i need to rewrite my id and password

    Also today the quality of sound and stream is very awful

    Agree especially if they are planning to charge us in the future..

  • i hope imoco keep this way

    The 1st set was awful but this finally they show their power

    I'm sorry by folie but fahr isn't dissapointing

    Really awful ? Hard word. No they just didn't play perfect and Pomi player really good in first set.

    But now they are like storm in second set :gone:

  • Vasileva is playing great !!!!

    And She is hot as HELL.

  • Seeing how great is Rosamaria playing, I don't get it why She is not with NT ??

  • I can't even find the words for Egonu. She is playing the best volleyball I have seen. She is scoring everything, from everywhere with such a strong attack and amazing jumping skills :obey:

  • Agree especially if they are planning to charge us in the future..

    Not future

    Today is free

    Next week-end is pay per view

    I hope an answer about my last suscribtion a year ago

    And they should consider some offers for users like me that pay but for covid they couldn't provide the games they offered

  • cuneo beat firenze 3-1 😉

    Yes I saw

    Cuneo play superb

    But for me the responsable for victory is Cambi

    I think a junior or youth setter can play better than her

    I hate mencarelli cause he didn't change her

    I never saw a setter drop her fast like this,bad connection with all players and bad choices

    I don't think the backup setter can be worse than her

  • #iosonobergamo <3<3

    Bergamo the irony. Combination of me and Shame aka QueenPicci. Croatia-Italy-Puerto Rico :*