Italy - Serie A1 2020/21

  • Sylvia is ready for next step !!!

    That girl can be freat addition to any top team. Monza, Novara or Scandicci.

    Watch out World Italy has new Egonu in the making, slower growing but She is coming :box:

    Isn't she like half size of Egonu?:lol:

  • My God Conegliano players arrived today with train in Monza from France and they need to play the match against Monza tonight. Like wtf :mad:

  • Is there a stream for Novara-Scandicci?

  • link for novara scandicci?

  • At least they signed Vasileva. I just don’t get for what after really nice names of OHs. :down:

  • I hope Folie is gone be starter tonight, She played only 1match in France. That would be first match in regular part of the season for her :heart:

  • Woppaaa Conegliano with strongest starting six. De Krujif and Folie are starters :drink:

  • Adams keeps playing great after great performance against Fener !

  • I miss something for sure but who is Monza's setter?

    Orro got smaller injury, Her name is Carraro Giulia.

  • If I got it correctly,Carraro is also injured. The setter is a 17 y.o. girl from B2.

    I think you are right. I just checked Carraro has number 4, and this girl has number 2.