Italy - Serie A1 2020/21

  • Long time no see. De Gennaro sets for slide attack to Robin :heart:

  • like i said easy win from imoco

    Monza isn't rival even with starting setter

  • Folie spiking in easy 3m, yeah She is back :super:

    She needs some time to adapt for sure, but She is not fair from it

  • What will happen to Adams when Sylla gets fully healthy again? Adams via eye test seems to be striking the ball with as much power as MBH. Does she have enough time to make a run for a spot on the USNT for Tokyo?

    If She keeps playing like this, beeing in starting six. Why not

    She is again outplaying Hill, Hill is not even better at reception.

    With current performance She deserves to be starter over Sylla

  • This is what I was talking about. Folie fast approach, blockers jumping with her and Egonu free spike:drink:

  • Egonu jumping like crazy, She flies from second row. Like come on girl :sos:

    And that one hand set from Wolosz in back row attack. Crazy what they are doing

    And Adams is playing PERFECT !!!

  • Folie blocking like crazy in her first performance in Seria A this season. And users here are saying that She can't block:lol::lol:

    And again fast approach, and Egonu free attack with blockers in front of her. My eyes are in the love :heart::heart:

  • did anyone had doubts that folie is best Italian MB

    Now you won't

    The queen is back 👍

  • What a dream it must be for that setter girl from Monza to play such a high level match!

  • I'm not in that discussion but those blocks were coming from trashy sets of the 17 years old setter. I honestly wouldn't use this game to prove anything.

    Than why Robin doesn't have 4 blocks in her stats :what:

    But when I said that Eda blocked Egonu just because Wolosz set was to lowe for her , I was attacked:what:

  • good to se sylla at bench

    I hope she stay like this a lot

    She needs to rest and they can do good without her

  • This is one of the best matches from Conegliano. Wolosz is playing amazing, setting with one hand more than ones, in back row, for slide attack. Like come on girl what are you doing it is crazy :box:. Free spikes without blockers, etc.

    De Gennaro digging like in her best days !!!

    Egonu flying, spiking so easily :super:

  • Adams is slowly becoming one of my favorites