Germany - VBL 1. Bundesliga 2020/21

  • No but the stats sheet should be posted soon after the end of the match.

    Wiesbaden for sure looks stronger than last season. All of their transfers make a good impression, but IMO the main upgrade is Ashley Evans. Last season Wiesbaden had the worst pair of setters of the league IMO, now Evans is doing a pretty good job.

    I think they could do better with their outsides.

  • Sossenheimer's substitutions :wall: He was doing several weird things, but the one in the end cost his team the match, or at least the chance to make it longer...

    i didn’t understand his choice there either. Lol. But it’s just the first match. I hope Wiesbaden improves collectively as a team and for JWO to get those much-needed passing and defensive reps against the better teams.

  • Wiesbaden made some good transfers this season. Evans did a good job involving the middles and Wong-Orantes with some great defensive work!

    Münster should work on their serve reception, that's their weakest point. Bock didn't impress me today, she should step up her game.

  • Münster - Wiesbaden 3:2 (25:20 17:25 27:25 18:25 15:13)

    MVP: Sarah van Aalen / Ashley Evans

    Stuttgart - Dresden 3:0 (16, 12, 18)

    MVP: Krystal Rivers / Corinna Glaab

    It's hard to tell if Stuttgart was that strong or Vilsbiburg that weak, next matches will show that. Vilsbiburg's 18 year old libero did a decent job overall, of course she was shaky in reception at times, but she made some very good digs and most of all showed much more effort than most of her teammates. Guilliams was flat out horrible and Taylor out of shape, but according to the commentator she has some problems with knee and shoulder.

  • Oh thank you.

    Interesting to see Conaway be the captain for Vilsbiburg. (She's from my neck of the woods here) and she's new to the team.

    That's a mistake in the stats, Lena Möllers is Vilsbiburg's captain. Well, actually it's Myrthe Schoot, but since the libero can't be captain officially, Möllers is captain in matches.

  • After this games Stuttgart look strong but we will see. For sure they have very good substitutions that can change the game and give new impulse. This I miss in Dresden Potsdam Schwerin. We will see how this 4 teams will be on next weeks but for small roster I think can be big challenge for Schwerin play Champions League and season on good level.
    In general league will be more equal for me. I hope that they will play normally without problems with virus.

  • What a bad choice for TV match :thumbdown: Vilsbiburg is way too weak to cause serious trouble to Stuttgart, it almost looks like a training match for them.

    Yes, this opponent was no help for Stuttgart regarding preparation against top team Moscow in CL qualification.

  • Today

    17:00 Schwerin - Münster (Sport1)

    18:00 Aachen - Potsdam (

    19:00 Vilsbiburg - Suhl (

    Wiesbaden-Straubing was postponed due to a Covid case around Straubing's team. Doesn't sound like it's somebody from the players or the staff, they were already on their way to Wiesbaden when they were informed that they have to enter quarantine :white: