Serbian Super League 2020/21

  • Highlights video of 2 talented setter from Serbia. TBH both of these setters IMO are already better than setter which one were playing last year in VNL (Antanasijević, Đorđević, Ćirović(she is good as setter but lack of height is big issue)).

    Because of lack of material and higher number of available full match replay this videos are not 100% picture of quality of this 2 girls, but can be indicator.

    Rada Perović (19yo, Železničar Lajkovac, 182 cm)

    Anđela Veselinović (21yo, after Vizura withdraw without club ATM, 178 cm)

    *fun fact - Rada Perović is form Zrenjanin, born city of Maja Ogjenović 😉 #justsaying

    (just for fun, it doesn't hurt a bit of fantasy)

  • Jovana Mirosavljević to Železničar Lajkovac.

    I see some picture before few days from training camp on Železničar IG profile and it seemed to me that i had seen Jovana on the picture, but picture quality wasn't good and i wasn't sure, but now when they confirm that i am very happy.

    Železničar make a very strong team (for Serbian club standard) after hiring Perović, Savić, Kutlešic, Vujović, good coach as Kovačevic is, and now Mirosavljević looks like very promising player when we also add player which one are staying in Lajkovac.

    Now i just hope that they will enlist strong opposite also.

    Probably most of this names to most of non Serbian member doesn't mean much, but i am happy because of this step up in Serbian club volleyball and i must to share it with all of you guys.

    I can not wait season to become:drink:

  • Nataša Savović to SREM Sremska Mitrovica, indicate to me like that we will have one more very solid team in the next season of Serbian Super league. Nataša was the top scorer(most points) and 2nd best scorer(points per set) in the previous editom of our league.

  • This is the list the names which one came to my mind, and can be interesting for transfer prediction, in way that they will probably play next season in Serbian Super league but they still don't have the club and my opinion/guessing/sugesting in wich club they will be play.

    • Bojana Milenković - i have the feeling like she will not find the club abroad (like the volleyball world forget her), true she isn't in top form yet after the horrible injury, and she still fighting to find her best shape and back to track, but she is to good for Serbian league (even with this new investments), my guessing is that she at least will play first half of the season, maybe Crvena Zvezda (her first and only club in Serbia where she played). If something like this happens, i believe that it will help Bojana return to the path she was on and play in a club worthy of her quality in the second half of the season.
    • Nikolina Lukić - after Nataša Savovic transfer to SREM, it came to my mind that maybe sister's Lukic will be back to their born city and will play for Srem
    • Katarina Lukić - same as her sister Nikolina
    • Katarina Čanak -
    • Andjela Veselinović - i cheer for Andjela to go to UB;
    • Jovana Kocić - maybe Srem
    • Katarina Gajević - maybe she can goes to Jedinstvo SP, after Jovana Mirosavljevic leaving they are have free spot on OH position, and i believe that Katarina fits into their budget;
    • Sara Pavlović - maybe she could be new opposite of Železničar, but my hopes are that they (Železničar) will find even better opposite than her. (because their transfer so far was amazing);
    • Božica Marković - she is my favourite MB from last edition of Serbian super league, she was very very good, TBH i don't see real chance for her transfer to any of top serbian teams, maybe she will go abroad;
  • Watching Milenkovic playing, you know she knows her volleyball, you see the potential... It's so sad she had that nasty injury, I like her a lot :(

  • This is + for Perovic :) Maybe its (like with basketbal and Morava river in Cacak) river Begej, which is responsible for good/great/excellent setters :cup:

    Maybe, if you want to be more precisely Rada is from Klek, born city of Grbić brothers lol. But never mind Zrenjanin or Klek, both places give to Serbia and world volleyball legends.

  • sul5.jpgThe OSSRB Competition Commission announced yesterday (13.7.) a "competition to fill the free spot in Superleague after Vizura withdrawn. The meeting of interested premises of the Volleyball Association of Serbia, when it will be decided which club will play in the next year edition of Serbian women's volleyball league.

  • Ivana Lazarević, sporting director TeamLogo_546.jpgformer setter and captain of Železničar Lajkovac, said in her interview for serbian newspaper "Sportski Žurnal" that they (Železničar) applied to host BVA Cup for this season.

    "We applied to organize. It would be our pleasure and great honor. Five years ago, we organized, once even won in Gradačac with coach Svetlana Ilić. We expect teams from Romania and Turkey, which are always strong, while we are standard in terms of participation"

  • sul5.jpgThe OSSRB Competition Commission announced yesterday (13.7.) a "competition to fill the free spot in Superleague after Vizura withdrawn. The meeting of interested premises of the Volleyball Association of Serbia, when it will be decided which club will play in the next year edition of Serbian women's volleyball league.

    zsl5.jpgThe Spartak team from Subotica is the tenth

    member of the elite

    league of Serbia in the 2020/2021 season. This is the epilogue of the competition announced by the Volleyball Federation of Serbia, and after Vizura's decision not to compete anymore. The director of the competition, Dušan Keser, had three envelopes "on the table", and the leaders of Subotica gave the best offer. In addition to the old - new member of the BPS Superleague for volleyball players, Radnički from Belgrade and Spartak from Ljig also gave their financial proposals. According to the conditions of the competition, tm from Subotica has ten days to pay the amount he did not offer, otherwise the "second-placed" team, in this case Radnički, gets a chance.

  • Web data project site for Serbian Superleague 2020/21 edition is now available.


    by the end of the day, the lineups of all teams will be updated and adjusted to the real situation.

    Some matches of the first round are already on the program tomorrow.

  • Vanja Savić is for sure new rising star of Serbian Volleyball, after stuning performance at EuroVolley U19 she continuous to show amazing games in Serbian Super league. She was second best scorer of the first round in overall and best avg. per set scorer (23 points in 3 sets, and 65% in attack (22/34)), and all of this statistic things don't tell to us the most crucial things about her. I follow her already 2 years and she drasticly improved in previous season with lot of ups and downs but nowadays she play with lof of selfconfident and lot of passion and power. She looks amazing on court, i hope that she will continious to work like this, in front of her is great carreer.

  • Ub win first title of this season. They beat Tent 3-1 in sets 25-21; 25-13; 20-25; 26-24; Sofija Medic (MB) shine in this match and IMO she was clearly MVP, but all other girls from UB team played very well.

  • And now in Serbia we have first postponed match between Crvena Zvezda and Železničar due to coronavirus.

    I want to add a link for stream, because we have for the first time TV broadcast of some league match but i read this LOL, very uncomfortable moment for volleyball lover.…lo-superlige-za-seniorke/

  • We still have a few delayed matches but the half season champion is already well known, that is last year cup winner, this season supercup winner and so far in this season unbeaten team from Ub. They was dominant, just Tent can challenge them, but if they will stay with this roster, champion title is super real for them. They even started with 2 super easy win in Cev cup so i'm cheering for them to make a great result in Europe.

  • To make some summarize on the player level, i want to select out a few most significant for the league, and the most promising ones (potential NT material), which is IMO much more important than the results themselves in a relatively weak league.

    I will make this summarize, separate for each position:


    Bosnian Milana Bozic(Ub) is quite good and with Rada Perović(Zeleznicar) for sure so far these 2 girl show the most on this position, about Rada Perović as potential NT material, i don't know what to say, she is precise, she have soft but strong hands (i mean while setting ofc lol), she is already complete player, amazing server, very good blocker, but it seems to me that she lack of creativity sometimes, but she is just 19yo and for sure biggest hope in past few years for Serbia on this position, so i can't wait to see her in some NT action, there is so much to show but also to prove.


    So far Vulin(Ub) and Caric(Tent) are both statisticly and real-impression best opp ATM, but nothing special in general, Savic(Jedinstvo SP)(EuroVolley u19 best opp) was amazing in first game but after that both her and whole Jedinstvo SP team was so disapointng for me, i expected much more from them, hope that they will join in the rest of the league competition.


    for the league terms, Medic(Ub) is so far for sure best MB in attackin, solid in blokc, it is easy can be seen that she had international experiences in stronger league and playing for/against better teams than serbian league standards.

    Djokic(Jedinstvo) is quiet so far, but i am her fan and want to see her in some NT action, 16 yo Kurtagić(Tent) after double best MB award at both u19 and u17 EuroVolley's continue to show how she already amazing blocker is, also Serbia have a few more talented player on MB (traditionaly strong position) as Glušac, Rodic. Živanovic(Srem) so far have amazing season in block, for her standard beast performance on service, but she is so mediocte attacker, i just can't put her in some NT thoughts.


    Best OH so far, and MVP of the first half of the season Ljiljana Rankovic, back after numerous injuries, "stronger than ever"or she just look like that in comparation with other OH's, i think that it is both (50%-50%), Savovic played also quite good, and that's it.


    I wouldn't worry so much about Serbia in that position, Djurdjević is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, keep eyes on her, she is game changer libero, she must be in NT ASAP. Also Tadic is very stable player.


    I mentioned a few time already, Marijana Boricic (Ub), former junior NT coach, and i hope future senior NT coach,after Terzic well deserved retirement i don't want to see kind of Kovacevic, Vladisavljev, Bulatovic, i have no a lot of sympaty for this guys, they aren't bad coaches, just i think that Marijana is much more better option for future.