Turkey - MCSL - Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi - 2020/2021

  • I would like to know who fill the 4th place this new league

    Always was the same 4 and I think that it would be almost impossible to galatasaray to remain in that place

  • My guess will be either Aydin or THY.

    Aydin has a balanced team with decent players at every position. They have a talented setter and one of the best Turkish opposites with Boz. A great offensive outside hitter in Anthi and Balkestein-Grothues is one of the best defensive outside hitter who is able to cover Anthi in service reception. Compared to last season they have a way better libero with Pinar. The middle blocker position seems also strong with Janset and Adams.

    THY did a really good job they've transfered Ebrar, Carlini and Asli. The rest of the team is a bit dissapointing in my eyes... So I think Aydin has the biggest chance to finish fourth, but last year I also had high hopes for them so we will see.

  • yes i see the 2 teams really strong and also capable of that

    Anthi and boz should be strong because balkestein didn't do even 5 attack points per game

    And as peruvian I will be rooting to PTT for Angela Leyva,this year they become stronger with Nikolova and Ruseva that played really well with Maritza and both just after gave birth, dissapointing that they couldn't keep Janset but bring Cansu that was good at german league

  • I think we shouldn't count GS as an underdog, I think they have as much chance to be 4th as THY and Aydin. GS has a very experienced team with Nilay-Rhykliuk-Gizem Karadayı-Ergul- Hazal Selin-Guldeniz Önal. Only their second OH will be young ( either Sude or Ilkin.

    I'm doubtful about Aydın, they had a very solid roster last season as well but they were the biggest disappointment of Turkish league. So I can't have high expectations from them yet. I'm betting on THY more than Aydın. I think THY has a very balanced roster without any weak spot

  • Official presentation of Bianka Buša in Fenerbahce in their jersey.

    She looks gorgeous.

  • i want to see yesilyurt

    Last season they were the newcomers and did an excelent job with 2 young girls

    Derya that shines at u20 world ch

    And loana carutasu that was amazing at u18 as best scorer

    I want to see them again

  • GO SUPER BUSA! Finally receiving a opportunity and being valued as the good player she is..

  • GO SUPER BUSA! Finally receiving a opportunity and being valued as the good player she is..

    I definetly share your vibes.

    So happy for her.

  • Official presentation of Bianka Buša in Fenerbahce in their jersey.

    She looks gorgeous.

    she also gave an interview btw, here is the translation:

    ‘’This has been the best oppurtunity of my carreer’’

    "After many years abroad, my dream was to play in Turkey. I thought that Fenerbahce would be the best opportunity for me and it was the best club to play a role in my development. Fenerbahçe is a club with a tradition of success and of course has very good players. I am very happy to be here. Coach Terzic has also had a big impact in me being able to arrive. I always thought the best opportunity for me was Fenerbahçe. ”

    Here we will improve ourselves and become more ready for the Olympic Games

    “I think this year is the year when the most Serbian players played here. 7 players are here. I am happy to be here in the best part of the world, both for myself and for my friends. I'm sorry we couldn't play the Olympics. But health is paramount. I'm super glad so many Serbian players can play here in Turkey. I believe that by improving ourselves here, we will be ready for the future Olympic games. ”

    During the coronavirus process, I continued my work at home with the instructions of our conditioner.

    “It was a very difficult process. It was especially challenging for volleyball players. Because we haven't been able to train together for months. Of course, I continued my work at home with the instructions of our trainers. This in reality is not enough though, but at least I think I have done the best work I can do from home. We will come back to our best step by step, improving ourselves by working hard. The best thing I could do in the coronavirus process was to stay at home. I spent time with my family. ”

    I am happy to be a part of this family

    “I love Turkish volleyball. This league was one of the leagues I dreamed of playing. Many names around the world are in this league. I am also happy to be a part of this family. Let's hope everything will turn out as we dream. Health comes first. Let's have as much trophies as we can earn in a healthy way. ”

    Many of our fans continue showing their great support

    “I want to thank our fans. They should know that I will do the best of my abilities on the field. Let them continue their amazing support. Let's hope we get through this process and continue our matches with them in the hall.''

    She was very genuine to be honest and seems like she'd be one of those players that is a true team-player. Any team is lucky to have players with such a mindset imo, it always pays off, sometimes even more so then world-class players with...let's say attitude.

  • I think last season's Nilufer and Yesilyurt showed how important it is to work with a good trainer. On the other hand, Aydin and THY had much better squads, but their trainers did not deliver a good performance. THY made the right choice in the end with picking Abbondanza which increased their performance. I really love Aydin's squad this year, but trainer is a question mark again, I wish they agreeed with Tore Aleksandersen from Nilufer instead, then I would believe that they end up in top 4.

  • Btw, I am almost sure GS will deliver a fine performance again. If Ilkin does not get injured, they will use her like Anthi. Cagla and Nilay are better than most setters in the league, I don't like Rhykliuk but she is better than Meryem for example. Only the middles are question marks but I think they will transfer a player if things go bad in January.

  • beri when you have time could you update the rosters please. I would do it myself but it's your post so I can't edit them obviously. Thank you:win:

    yes of course, I'm sorry I have been away the last couple of weeks and very busy, I will be back home in a few days and edit it!

  • Rumour: Leauge will start on September 12th, there will only be a 15-team regular season, no play-offs, 1st placed team of the regular season will be declared champions...

    which team withdrew?