Turkey - MCSL - Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi - 2020/2021

  • Beylikdüzü?

    About leauge, there are also rumors top 4 teams at the end of the season will play some kind of playoff to determine the champion. 4 teams at the bottom to relegate?

    It’d be so much better than just having the regular rounds, and it will be fun to see how THY & Aydin will fight for the top 4.

  • It turns out Stefana Veljković would have played in Fenerbahce this season had she not got pregnant. ^^ Oh well, maybe some other time!

    Veljkovic and Eda:cheesy: terzic really wants to build Serbia Nt out of FB

  • I edited the first page, if anyone notices mistakes/missing players pls remind me :)

  • Isn't Motta from Brazil instead of Italy?:S

  • Isn't Motta from Brazil instead of Italy?:S


    I guess I just went by name and forgot.

  • Apparently tvf is working on an hd version of old volleyball.tv, I found some test shots on this youtube channel:


    This is great news, means we will able to watch most of the games in SL, and division 1 in good quality...

    Wow finally! I don't care anymore how many matches TRT will broadcast if we get this quality from youtube instead.

  • Murat Yucekök shared on his insta a pic from Burhan Felek and wrote "We are starting at 31 August". I won't be surprised if the league starts at that time.

    TVF announced that they will draw the schedule at 10 August: https://www.tvf.org.tr/duyurul…onu-kura-cekimi-duyurusu/

    You can watch it via their youtube page (also in the link).

  • Sultanlar Ligi First Week

    Türk Hava Yolları - Sarıyer BLD.

    Fenerbahçe Opet -Beşiktaş

    Aydın BBSK -Galatasaray

    Eczacıbaşı VitrA -Yeşilyurt

    Karayolları -Vakıfbank

    Nilüfer BLD. -Beylikdüzü Voleybol İhtisas

    Çan Gençlik Kale Spor-İlbank

    PTT Spor-Kuzeyboru

  • THY - Sarıyer

    Aydin - GS

    EczV - Yeşilyurt

    PTT Spor - Kuzeyboru SC

    Are some of the matches I would like to see. I really hope TVF makes voleybol.tv HD and with a better angle;( TRT Spor is just a mess

  • Im looking forward to seeing aydin-gs as well😍


    WHY ARE YOU HERE :rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll: