Turkey - MCSL - Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi - 2020/2021

  • And the subs of Nilufer confused Ilbank a bit but it wasn't enough

    Ilbank 3-1 Nilufer :white: (25-20, 12-25, 25-15, 25-20)

  • VakifBank - PTT is about to start

    This group is really interesting so far as Nilufer beat PTT and Ilbank (who were definitely not favorites here) beat Nilufer.

    We all know VB will qualify but the 2nd spot is out for everyone really.

  • Vakifbank wins 3-0 (25-11, 25-16, 26-17)

    It was nice to see Dimitrova back but PTT is not good, Ruseva is really bad nowadays.

    Haak and Cansu were great as the rest of VB.

  • Vakifbank will storm Turkish League literally no one has chance against them.

    I'm not happy at all with Eczacibasi, and Fener is to much with ups and downs and you can't won like that against them.

  • Vakifbank will storm Turkish League literally no one has chance against them.

    I want to see against fb

    they are superior but its the only match that worths in this season

  • Any news why Carutasu didn't play for Yesilyurt?

    People say Romanian federation is causing problems for her license...

    There might be two reasons for this:

    1. They want more money...

    2. Carutasu wants to play for Turkey (applied for citizenship etc.) and they are angry...

    It is probably the first...

  • She didn't play in nt during the European championship, so I can imagine second option is also likely

  • Any link working in Italy?

    i think that this isn't geoblocked

    at least in serbia i can watch without any problem

  • 4 kills in a row by Thompson :teach: Ecza needs to work a lot on their passing though

  • Ayadin is not even near Ecz level they are playing so bad.

    Ecz needs to work a lot on their reception, even libero has problem with it, but I understand begging of the season. Everything is shaky right now.

  • Eczacibasi was very efficiently in today's match:

    1) Bošković - 13/17 in attack (76% :obey:) and 4 error on serve of 9 services in total (lol i must to mention that)

    2) Thompson 13/21 (62%), 4 aces, and horrible reception (i don't even have to look at statistic)

    3) Yasemin 5/8 in attack and 2 blocks and 1 ace (it is so good when we have a player with all three positive columns)

    4) Hande 5/8 in attack and 2 aces and good reception

    5) Ogbogu 6/9 plus 1 block

    6) at the end Elif with okayish distribution, i mean i didn't change my mind about her quality but today she was as i sad ok, according to statistic can be said that she can be more versatile and play more with middles but it is significant to mention that the girls on reception didn't help her in that way.

    OFC also is significant to mention that Aydin play nearly horrible in all aspects with just few exceptions