Turkey - MCSL - Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi - 2020/2021

  • i cant recognize this Vakifbank team.

    Gio is underestimating Gizem's value in this team tbh, I always thought she was a KEY player for sure.

    this loss for gio simply


  • What an embarassing performance from VakifBank. All players playing just terribly, not even one exception.

  • Someone here wrote that Jordan Thompson hits every ball at the 5/6 dividing line. I can't un-see that now. It's kind of diminished my love for her :(

  • Elif's serves don't look like anything special but they seem to be hugely effective. Another element that's working for her in a very impressive performance so far.

    I was gonna write the same. It doesn't seem to be a spectacular serve but clearly hard to receive:what: Her set distribution was great so far. In first set:

    Elif set Boskoviç:6 Ogbogu:6 Thompson:6, Hande:6 and Beyza:2 times:cheesy:

  • Vakifbank really has to fight to stay close to Eczacibasi. Mostly because most players don't play at their usual level....

    Bad reception by Aykac and Meliha, so Ognjenovic isn't able to work her magic. Haak can't kill the ball. Same goes for Kübra and on top of that she is slow in block. Only players for Vakifbank who plays okay are Gabi and Zehra.

    Really Guidetti... Everyone got substituted, except for Akyac:gone:

  • This is very different volleyball from the PFU/Kurobe match I watched last night :rolll:

  • Özlem Özçelik was a great MB but she is so boring as commentor:aww:

  • Bosko. Tall much?

  • I have no idea what's going on between Guidetti and Gizem, but, if he really has no intentions to put her to play, he should try to get another libero, because Ayça is just not for this level.

  • Cansu playing very good.

    she is literally made for such matches xd

    remember the EczV 2-0

    20-10 to comeback match lmao

    but she needs to work on being more reliable consistently

  • Oke it becomes more interesting. Cansu once again brings something to the table. And I realize her set to OH is much better than opp.

    Seems like the real captain have an impact in this comeback

  • I miss Cansu's tight bun but I can settle into this new look. She's one of my faves with her big will

  • I miss Cansu's tight bun but I can settle into this new look. She's one of my faves with her big will

    i like it! it gives off, im not that anxious lil' girl anymore vibes. confidence tail

  • Errors creeping in for Eczacibasi:(

    Cansu doing a really solid job and contributes well. Both Bartsch - Hackley and Melis doing a better job than respectively Meliha and Kübra, but that wasn't that difficult:roll: Also Haak raised her level of play!

  • There were mumbles that Maja didn't get on with Zehra. She's hit her well at least a few times in this match