Turkey - MCSL - Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi - 2020/2021

  • MBH is a little frumpy for a USA player with their state of the art hydraulic toys and whatnot, but she's still a good player

  • Ogbogu:flower: Not only a great player, but also a great personality!^^

  • Cansu's going to start making out with someone in the post point huddle some day. I know it <3


  • It's nice and all watching this game on youtube, but it's simply disgusting to read the comments there.. people saying sooo much bs about Maja <X

    Oh, I always hide the chat straight away. People here complain about crovolley but most of the clowns on youtube chats are on a completely different level.

    Anyway, Cansu playing the best match I've seen from her in ages!

  • Gabi is not improving on attack.


    I want them both to win. I love these kind of matches

  • Haak's approach is almost as fast and intimidating as Annie Drews

  • I take it back. I want Vitra Vakif to win

    Vakif. I meant Vakif :)

  • First 2 sets Vakif were poor, next 2 Eczaci weren't great but now both teams are playing well and it's great to watch. :box:

  • We need a golden set just for fun... a tie-break is not enough, I want more!

  • oh no

  • Jordan DEADDD fdsfsdjknfsdnjk

  • Hande on clutch time flashbacks