Turkey - MCSL - Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi - 2020/2021

  • That MBH was hilarious. I don't know about this rookie setter VB brought in, though.

  • What a safe by Ognjenovic on tge spike of Boskovic!:white:

  • im so sad for EczV, they def lost on age, that Hande sudden flashback XD that Thompson error, it says it all

  • Sitting here in my easy chair with morning coffee but I feel like I'm in a Hard Rock Cafe.

    Way to go, Cansu and friends:!:

  • Congrats Vakifbank! Cansu showed great mentality today👏 Well fought by Eczacibasi! It was an entertaining match to watch:cheesy:

  • I don't know to feel about this result... These two teams deserved 3 points today... And it's a good message for the people bashing Ecz after that loss against Galatasaray... They did really well, wow.. Too bad Cansu and Ogbogu were playing in opposite sides, I wanted both to win :(

  • Congrats to Vakif. Haak and Cansu had an incredible role in this turn-around, and, after them, Gabi and Bartsch started to play better too. That was definitely not the best match for Maja, but it happens.

    For Eczacibasi, I think they played well, but Vakif was better in the clutch moments.

  • Somehow an all too familiar story for Eczacibasi. They have the talent to compete with and even beat Vakifbank but actually going out and doing it is a different matter entirely. They should be pleased with their efforts today though and hopefully can build confidence from the match.