Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2020-2021

  • Maybe has something to do with foreigner restrictions on travel to japan? If players like Drews, Plummer, Akinradewo etc start popping up in some other places, then it could be that. But isn’t it too late?

  • Are the players and staff not required to have test done 1st before the training start?

    Afaik it is. For example Okayama and Hisamitsu did their tests ahead of their training camp and JVA also did tests on the selected players before they went ahead with their camp, which was cut short. I'm not completely sure about the schedule of each team because it seems during the time when Zen Nippon was in training camp some of them were on break while the rest held their camps then.

  • I guess this will bring tons of good vibes to our beloved brother sitenoise 🤗🤗🤗

    I'm getting goosebumps. (NEC v the NoSmilers is day 2, tho)

    NEC has also been giving me many good vibes during this down time. They seem miles ahead of everyone else in terms of sharing the love. Great interviews, silly videos, community service. Love love love. Now, if only YOLO would respond to my Tweetbox flirts <3

    I might get ahead of the curve and start calling them the Kawasaki Red Rockets

  • brahmin

    V.League now has a page devoted to 退団 (leaving), but they have a new category: 任意引退 (retire at will). Maybe it was there all the time in those pdfs.

    I was hoping I could make sense of the difference. Risa Shinnabe is listed as 退団. It was her choice. The other one (任意引退) might be players who were not offered contracts, but that doesn't look appropriate when looking at some of the players in that category: Horikawa Mari, Asahi Yui, Saori Takahashi ... but who knows.

    It honestly never occurred to me that some of these players might be told: "Ya, we don't need you any more". Seems mean :rolll:

  • On Sarina Koga's homepage questionnaire thingy, in response to: "A memorable match in your volleyball life?"

    She says: "I remember every game in every season."

    I believe her :flower:

  • A great news for Seagulls fans hehe. Their white-blue match will be broadcast on their official YT channel tomorrow. Finally I got to see Haruka :obey:

    edit* hmm some weird details:..

    "Beginning to deliver 2 sets in blue-white battle, but only 2nd set in live.

    *The live distribution itself will begin at 14:00, but live video from the venue will begin after the first set."

  • There is probably some legalese as to the distinction. In the old PDFs there was not a distinction. The retire at will could be a combination of I am not playing but people are better than me and other teams are not interested. Leaving means that you could have fulfilled your contract, as probably all volleyball contracts are year to year in Japan. If you have fulfilled your contract you could leave as a free agent. Not common in Japan or at least announced anyway.

  • Is it available to stream outside of Japan? I don't trust Okayama when it comes to engaging with fans. It's a miracle that they're even streaming it lol

  • Is it available to stream outside of Japan? I don't trust Okayama when it comes to engaging with fans. It's a miracle that they're even streaming it lol

    The NoSmilers are one of the most fan-engage-y teams there is They have to be, with no corporate sponsor. They hire extra players who will never play, just to fan-engage.

    It's a Japanese thing to not care about anyone outside Japan. I applaud the NoSmilers for breaching that convention --if only for a set :wall: and/but agree it is a miracle!

    But who knows? Maybe when they say "Live" they assume everyone understands that as "Live, if you are Japanese and live in Japan".

    Or there a hidden history to Okayama I don't know about, like the crybaby thing

  • To gear up for this I re-watched a Kawasaki v Okayama match from last year. Sanae Watanabe looked so good. Almost beastly in her meek little way. She was probably 10 for 10 from zone 3. How cool is that! If she actually improves this year she could be the next Nagaoka 8) ...

    ... if she grows several cm and learns how to jump

  • I guess we wait now until the first set is over :super:

    Okayama Seagulls 1st Set Blue 8-7 White is the first technical timeout.

    1st set, blue 13-16 white / second technical time out.

    Blue team Miyashita is now in court with blue

    Currently blue 18-22 white. Blue is blue uniform white is red uniform.

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