Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2020-2021

  • Toyota Auto Body Queenseis has red white and blue.

    Ageo is blue and white. But if Santiago is there, then she won't be going there as an ASEAN player.

  • Toyota Auto Body Queenseis has red white and blue.

    Oh yeah. Not much red when they take off their superman capes , but this is good news. I hope Pornpun (and Sorokaite) end up with Toyota.

    [Edit] and that PFU 'red' is really more fuschia than red. I think it's going to be Toyota

  • I'm not sure what this is but ...

    Shinnabe's first commentary on the 8/8 Hisami Kohaku battle

    Hisamitsu Springs of V.LEAGUE DIVISION1 WOMEN will broadcast live the Red and White game on the team's official YouTube channel on Saturday, August 8th. On the day's online distribution, Risa Shinnabe appears as a guest commentary!! Mr. Shinnabe just announced his retirement last month, and this is his first commentary. It is a must-see from what kind of viewpoint to explain the play of the former teammates.

    Date and time: Saturday, August 8th 10:00-Start of distribution 10:30-Start of match (5 set match)

    Delivery is Hisamitsu Springs official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQJGUiIXcivKgT8SNgftoZQ

    ▼The pattern of the last red and white battle▼

  • Looking at that video it appears SAGA has a bit of Fuschia, White, and Blue going on. Maybe Pornpun goes there

  • Even though it's just collar trim Toyota is the only true Red, White, and Blue. The others are fuschia. This is great news for Toyota if it comes to pass.

    Thanks joy16 for the update

  • Following the lead of proper V.League team Himeji Victorina, SAGA Springs has concluded "a cooperation agreement with Tosu City to further revitalize the region and economy through the volleyball business, and [...] will proceed with concrete efforts."

    No mention of Kobe

  • The SAGA Springs scrimmage match is live. Match hasn't started yet but it looks like it's a go and Risa is in the booth:

  • I call foul!

    SAGA is high-fiving bro-fist touching; It's 9-ball coverage, hard to tell who is who; Shion Hirayama is not playing, there is some dude in her place; they appear to be using a designated server at times--the person serves the ball and doesn't play the play, they hustle over to the bench.

    The new southpaw OP, Akari Shirasawa, looks decent at 166cm

  • I feel like someone who's survived in the desert for a few days without food or water and then when I'm rescued all I'm offered is a pretzel :mad:

  • Hmm ... Does this count as official? Not to me but I don't know the site

    Revealing the name of the Japanese club, "Phonphan" has joined the army.


  • Wow

  • No, it's not official. It's like news from The Sun because the source is coming from internet.

    joy16 (or anyone else) what does this Thai word say:

  • I'm adding dates of tenure to the players on Okayama NoSmiler's Wiki page. It's remarkable how many players stayed with them for 10–20 years! Must be a special place :flower:

  • sitenoise you should proly change Uesaka's kanji name from 上坂璃子 to 上坂瑠子

    Amusing that there's a setter called Haruka Yamashita in PFU, V.League misprinted her name as Miyashita in their new photobook The Rally. She should probably just use Haruka. I don't know if she's any good, I can't find any focus videos of her in action

  • sitenoise you should proly change Uesaka's kanji name from 上坂璃子 to 上坂瑠子

    Did she change it? LOL or I wonder where I copied it from originally :/ I don't ever type Japanese names. I admire your ability to see something like that. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Let's see, so volleybox, my own site. I guess that's it. I don't have kanji names here anywhere, do I?

    [[EDIT]] Is "Ruriko" correct? :) That's a tough one. It's hard for me to say. Now that I think about this girl, I also got her age and schooling wrong. It's hard with school players. I remember assuming that "Fukui High School, Fukui Institute of Technology" were two different schools and if she went to Fukui Institute of Technology she must have been 22–23 years old when she joined Hitachi. Then I noticed she has this helpful tip: a birthday. Poor girl. I like her. There's a couple Ruriko <3 posts around here