• Hello!

    I believe most of us have ever thought at least for once: Why there isn't any decent volleyball game? I'd buy and play one.

    EA Sports was asked about it a few times, answering there's not an Indoor Volleyball game planned.

    The reason might be the market of the volleyball, still too small to invest money in creating something brand new.

    However, is it really true?

    I can't believe there would be vastly more NHLs or NFLs sold in a year than a brand new, professional volleyball game. As long as American football and hockey market is based in USA and Canada, mostly - the volleyball market is world wide.

    Volleyball is hell of a popular in Brazil, Poland and Italy, more and more popular in Russia, Turkey, Germany, France, Argentina or Australia, USA and Canada. Iranian society loves volleyball. Due to drafts and foreign players, there are a lot of new fans in Korea, Japan and China. There's a lot of countries all around the world that would be interested in a game of this type.

    And to be fair, it could involve only 5-6 strongest leauges in the world and it would be perfectly fine for the start (Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Brazilian, German or French, maybe some Asian leauges) + national teams involved in the VNL.

    Adding the possibility of creating your own club, adding it to any leauge and the feauture of making transfers would surely be tempting for the players, too.

    I know creating a realistic, dynamic volleyball game might not be easy but doing something better than "Spike Volleyball" shouldn't be that hard for the studio like EA.

    I'm wondering, what EA has against the volleyball game because I'm pretty sure, if decent, it would sell out just fine.

    What do you guys think?

  • Maybe because the US don't treat volleyball as a pro sport, or as much as other countries with established leagues do... NHL and NBA are huge, with a lot of money involved. Volleyball, on the other hand, is basically just a mean to go to college. It happens that they do really well there, because they are good in all sports, but they don't treat volleyball serious enough... Maybe a European company could be able to do such game...