The USA, Covid-19, a new American VB league...and Donald Trump

  • Hmmm...maybe I will kick this off by saying that our Covid response, here in Hawaii, has been the very best in America...if not the world. In trying to reopen to tourism (our very well-known #1 economic "engine") there are A TON of unknowns awaiting us. As far as the rest of the USA is concerned? It is a clusterf*cked mess. The partisan game-playing, as cases are skyrocketing, shows the incompetence of the government "leaders" who are supposed to work for the people of the US...not for the lunatic-fringe base of our president + his cronies (Republicans). As far as the new volleyball league? It is just some pickup games, really!

    How is life/ things associated with Covid-19 reopening for y'all?