• My God how strange is to see fans in Venue and without masks :what::what::what:

  • Missed the first set.. but why is Startseva not playing?

  • Yeah. Kotova and Lazarenko have been dominating the stats of blocking this season. They both must be in VNL unless there is some preference.

    If I were the coach, I would take Kotova as the third MB as she is a really good server and can be a serving sub. With a healthy Koroleva and Fetisova, Lazarenko does not really bring anything to the table to deserve her spot.

  • Kazan is completely off today. Hope tomorrow we'll see an interesting final.

  • Kazan should just make Kadochkina as starter next year, she plays better in Position 4

  • Kazan just need a better Opp.

    A setter as Fabiola could indeed increase their level.

    Bricio is such a good player but she doest work as we all wxpected in Kazan.

    Hope she comes to Brazil. She would be a weapon in Minas with Macris.

    As Kazan already has Startseva, a good MB to make a duo with Koreleva would be great.

  • Fabris was only one playing good and carry the team in first two sets She didn’t have many helps especially from Bricio who was terrible today.

  • I don’t understand why they haven’t done it already this year.

    Kazan is making her an Opp which I think is a mistake. I've been saying this countless times she plays a lot better as OH in Position 4. I hope Kazan switch her back to OH next season. I would argue even Arina is a better fit as Opposite than her, as that girl can hit anywhere on court.

  • The day Startseva leaves Kazan, I think that will be her retirement so I think she is not going to another club if she still wants to play.

    Lazarenko is rumored to join Kazan next season, so Kazan's MB duo should get a nice upgrade.

    If the rumors about Fedorovtseva to Fener next season are true, then Kazan should just make Kadochkina as her replacement.

  • Fedorovtseva is playing OPP and Kadochkina OH...

    Well let's see if this pays off.. I still hope Kazan wins today so they can play CL next season

  • Well let's see if this pays off.. I still hope Kazan wins today so they can play CL next season

    So top 3 of playoffs qualify for CL? Winning regular season and the Cup wouldn't get Kazan into CL?

    Fedorovtseva is doing very well as OPP so far, but I don't like the idea. She's an exceptionally good receiver for her age, so IMO it would be a waste of talent turning her into OPP.

  • Kazan already won CL ticket their is no way they would let this squad for such an important match.