South Korea - Women's V-League 2020-2021

  • Why Lee Da-yeong substituted today? I haven't seen the game, only stats.

    heungkuk's coach said that Dayeong had bent and injured her knee right at the beginning (2-1 score in first set),she also said that Dayeong's right knee was already in bad condition and there are many matches left so they don't want her to overdo it.

  • So, I was right? just 1 of the 3 key players .unavailable Pink Spiders already had a hard time... definitely not good news....

    LDY bad knee has to be fixed... Can it be solved by surgery? VNL is coming, not to mention OG... Don't want to have hidden danger....

  • I don't think it's a major injury for Lee Da-yeong. She was still able to play after she fell. The coach put Da-sol in for a huge chunk of the game, but Da-yeong played in the 5th set. She was seen walking after the game with a pack of ice on her knees, but I think she should be fine.

  • KOVO Dodram V-League 2020-2021

    Round 5 Match 4 (#153) - Hyundai E&C Hillstate vs. Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders - January 31st, 2021


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  • thank you for the information. but still im not sure why LDH think like that, since it cost alot of games.

    Personally, I don't think starting LEE Na-Yeon ahead of KIM Da-In would have made much of a difference.

    and also can i know how the fa and trade rules in volley?

    Not sure if you are asking about FA and trade for all volleyball competitions or just the Korean V-League.

    Well, the Free Agent (FA) is a Korean thing only.

    New players have to play a certain amount of matches for 6 seasons before they qualified for FA status. After that, players only need to play a certain amount of matches for 3 seasons before they qualified again for FA status.

    At the end of the season, the FA status players can negotiate with their current team and other teams for a new contract. Before the FA period begins, KOVO classified all the FA qualified players into different groups depending on what they were currently earning.

    The group classification from the last year FA period:

    • Group A - Player's annual salary is 100M KRW and over
    • Group B - Player's annual salary is below 100M KRW and up to 50M KRW.
    • Group C - Player's annual salary are less than 50M KRW.

    This group classification only matters if the FA status player moves to a different team as it will determine what compensation the player's former team will get from the player's new team. The compensation the recruiting team must provide to the player's previous team are as follows:

    • Group A Player - 200% of the player's previous annual salary + 1 reward player from the recruiting team; or 300% of player's previous annual salary if no reward player is selected.
    • Group B Player - is 300% of the player's previous annual salary.
    • Group C Player - is 150 % of the player's previous annual salary.

    The teams that recruit a group A player can protect up to 6 players but it must include the newly recruited group A player.

    FA rules have changed over the years and I don't know if the same rules will apply to this year FA period yet.

    Here is a list of potential players who can qualify for FA status for this year if you are curious:…omanvolleyball&no=1467363.

    With regards to trade in the Korean league, trade of domestic players, I am aware that it can happen during the season but I don't know if there are any specific rules like if they are a deadline for trades. For foreign players, I might be mistaken but teams can only replace their foreign player only once during the season and they can only recruit the new foreign players from those who had applied for the tryout.

  • thank you for the explanation

  • Some news before tonight match between KGC Ginseng and IBK Altos.

    HAN Ji-Hyun will be the libero for IBK as SHIN Yeon-Gyeong hurting her neck in their last match.

    KGC will continue with HA Hyo-Rim as the starting setter. It seems like YEUM Hye-Seon's body condition isn't too good and LEE Sol-Ah has been prepare as the backup setter.

    Source: 1

  • So the cat is out of the bag... According to Spike Magazine, the protagonist who was rumored to be fighting with Lee Da-yeong is Kim Yeon-koung!!!…ion_mode=recommend&page=2

    I cannot, unfortunately, find a translation of the article yet, especially since it's a paid magazine, but I'm sure it'll come out. Apparently, KYK and the twins are not speaking to each other.…ion_mode=recommend&page=2

    Here's a history of Lee Da-yeong apparently "sniping" at Kim on Instagram.

    KYK wrote a cryptic post during those days.

    In other news, Cho Song-hwa apparently cried a lot after being unofficially "forced" to leave Heungkuk (to make a place for Da-yeong).

    Lee Da-yeong has deactivated all comments from her IG.

    Thank you for listening to my high school little girl drama!

  • Hi everyone~ New here (and to volleyball, and vleague), not exactly new, but i've been lurking because there were some registration issues - but yeah, alright now. ◡̈

    The LDY and KYK issue came as a real surprise to me (and im sure, many others). Because they acted as if nothing happened at the games... but whatever it is, i hope they solve it amicably. After this season, they'll go into NT and prepare for OG (yes... apparently it's still on), so it'll be best for everyone to have any ill/hard feelings/ disagreements sorted out.

    And YES!! i can finally post~ :drink:

  • that's why I'm surprise, they look good in the picture. i think if they not end the fighting issue before the season end, one of them might try to move to another team (if possible) lol.

    From what i've read both LDY and LJY signed for three years with Heungkuk while KYK signed for one and considering that if the OG take place KYK is probably going to retire from the NT alongside other older members. In fact KYK already announced that she would be retiring after 2016 Rio OG but due to Korea losing in the Quarter-Finals - she decided to give it one more go.

    LDY did state that she still has interest of playing abroad if she gets an offer but I think she would still be staying for the three years before maybe going abroad. Also the twins now play together in one team which both stated was their goal.

    KYK on the other hand only returned to Korea due to OG + Pandemic so one could think that she probably leaves Korea again to play abroad for some more years where she gets a lot more money. China was ready to throw a blank cheque at KYK back in 2018 and 2019 - I doubt that they won't try to get her again. Or just return to Turkey - I'm sure they wont say no to KYK.

    The whole drama confuses me - in the MVP Interview vs KGC LDY said both KYK and LJY helped her get her confidence back after all the malicious comments, yet people stated that the two parties dont talk to each other. In The Spike it is said that they decided to leave any discords off-court and be professional on-court which apparently worked, yet who knows if their conflict is resolved or not?

    The whole timing is weird if you ask me, the drama had already died down and now its getting warmed up again?

    I mean a disagreement or a disord is fine but from the articles it almost seems like they hate each other or are at each other's throats all the time.

    Maybe the Korean Media is blowing it out of proportions a little bit. KYK is known for being pretty direct almost rude at times - which is just her style and has been pointed out a lot on TV - her "scary" image where she unintentionally makes other players cry.

    Wouldnt be the first time tbh since a couple of years back there were rumors that LJY and KYK dont get along (in the NT) which turned out to be not true. Both actually have a similar, direct approach to many things.

    Additionally both LDY and LJY have said multiple times how KYK is their idol and a great leader on- and off-court.

    So thats why I am confused - it does not really add up, anyway just my thoughts on the whole - as econmtl put it - Highschool drama.

  • In other news it seems like a lot of YouTube accounts that usually upload the matches have been hit by the copyright hammer by KOVO.

    Some are still up but it seems like the popular ones became too popular which meant they appeared on KOVO's radar.

    Quite sad since without a reliable VPN it is basically impossible to watch the matches in a reasonable quality.

    Eventhough I can understand KOVO acting like this, after all it is copyright infringement and KOVO have all the rights to go after these channels.

    Just a PSA in case you are wondering where all the matches/channels went or why some links are dead