2020 CEV Junior Volleyball Championship

  • Tonight france vs turkey

    Now we'll see the level of this french team

  • I meant even the girls are Serbs, they were playing for another NT. Serbia just try to change their minds and it will continue.

    For example Dajana Bošković is a Serb from Bosnia, but it is obviously that for her in Serbian national team doesn't have a space, and she choose to play for Bosnia, and this is the common and completely reasonable thing, otoh in my previous post i just want to clarify common use term on this forum that the Serbian national team have a naturalized players which is completely false and that's it.

  • Belarus is in semifinal, and 99% will be first in group I. They beat two strong opponents in five sets and that is really good thing for this young squad for their mental strenght. Liabiodkina (OH) and Sauchuk (MB) have a huge potential espesially the captain Liabiodkina, she is so powerful.

    Tommor we will have direct battle for second place in semifinal (Pol - Srb).

  • I really hope that they (France) can develop few more descent player and make a competitive team for Paris 2024.

    And they'll have

    They only lose bauer that is good but far away her best shape

    Their best player are having good performances in european leagues and they have good prospects like sylves,rotar and diouf

    Maybe lack of experience would be the only reason i don't see french time in qf at paris

    (Considering host always have african team and south america 2)

  • I'm watching the game

    Turkey won the first set 25-23

    I left when turkey was dominating 16-10 then i Saw the score and rewatch

    Feench reception is very poor and can't use mb that are decent,the team have lack of coordination

    Diouf is awesome and maybe a futur star,henyo helps but is limited

    I like feench black mb but because of the reception they can use,block is something to improve

    Turkey is best team but nothing impossible,their hitters are good by experience but i don't see any good prospects

    I like setter because sets with precisition and fast,and.turkish teams stays some points in a lack of concentration that let france play but is normal at this age

  • and so France won 3-1 to turkey

    At the beggining i wouldn't believe but happen

    After 1st set france get better in reception and block and it was the key of victory,also they have an amazing defense

    On the other hand turkey increase the amount of mistakes and play really bad,but turkish libero is amazing,she did a terrific job tonight

  • I read, that German team will not be eligible for world championships participation because of dropping out of this competition - I hope, that Italy and Russia are still eligible for it?

  • Amazing match for Serbia, i don't know why Kockarević was in startig 6 since the begining of the competition, she is IMO the best OH/Opp in this generation, agressive serve, strong block, solid setter distribution and decisively and effective attack in combination with obviously tired Polish team result with this 3-0 win for Serbia, if they continue to play like this they can beat anyone.

    I must to say that Vrcelj (setter) in this game played really solid, she didn't play fast, but she was precise and versatile, much better than previous games.

    Good luck girls in semifinal.

  • Serbia - Poland match announcement made by me ☺️😉 and published by OSSRB. someone has not had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Serbian national team so far in this short video you can see just a few best moments of Serbian national team from first 3 matches;

  • i will be so dissapointed of a balkan final

    Belarus and france did an amazing job

    I hope them to do a final