CEV Champions League 2021

  • Has she always had this peculiar style of playing? I also like the schemes she runs a lot, but it is so weird these days watching a setter never jump, she seems like from the 80s ^^

    It is quite weird endeed. I think that for the fast style that its played nowadays it would be better for a setter to jump, but still she is doing a good job..

  • Brakocevic is way much better than Bjelica :super:

  • Boskovic may be the best Serbian opp, but Brakocevic brings a different kind of brutality to her swings

  • Brakocevic is way much better than Bjelica :super:

    So true. Bjelica is so average player but Brakocevic still has it...

  • This set from middle of the court to zone 4 is insane, and Medrzyk know how to kill it.

  • Chemik Police should leave Akbas at home more often, because I haven't seen them playing this good so far this season!:lol:

    Only player who still is far from her best shape is Kakolewska:gone:

  • Her sets are perfect, every ball where it should be. And connection is brutal. No one needs to tip or things like this.

  • Yesterday wasn't Fabris' night, today isn't Bricio's night :gone:

  • Brakocevic is way much better than Bjelica :super:

    I think that no one thinks otherwise, Bjelica is far from the average player like someone said, but Brakocevic is unattainable for her, she was the best opp in Europe IMO for sometime and that wasn't by accident.

  • Kazan has some disadvantages that playing in Russian League. They are like a rabbit who sees the light when they play against fast game.

  • I expected an easy 3:0 for Kazan, considering How Chemik is doing in TauronLiga :white:

  • It looks like that Kazan isn't even trying, like they don't care. No spirit, no defense, too many errors!