CEV Champions League 2021

  • i was abble to watch those games on cev's channel on you tube.

    Novara vs chemik doesnt appear to me yet...

  • Vakif rhapsody as, always, great introduction to main battle of this week, can be said, between Novara and Chemik, Novara as favourite probably, but if Chemik can repeat last night performance everything is possible, at least i expect good fight.

    #Go Chemik :super:

    any link for this match?

  • The Daalderop sub was such a right call at 21-21 great coaching!

  • Nika Daalderop!:super: Why would you sub her out after she made 2 important points for the team:wall:

    What i don't like with herbots she always rallying with her power hitt. She can drop or off the block. Not a smart hitter

    Indeed she mostly uses power, but I don't agree she isn't a smart hitter, because a lot of times she uses the block in her advantage.

  • I thought I would be rooting for Chemik but ended up rooting for Novara because they got that fun/dynamic team feel I love. They have a lot of power and a lot of depth inside their team, many ways to be lethal.

    Smarzek is been a burden for a long time now :/ I'd start with Nika

    With that said, that was quite messy and Novara's reception really seemed below average.

  • Meanwhile Brakocevic is still carrying teams in this level :box:

  • Chemik need to stop overusing Brakocevic. She’s still a good player but her days of beating good teams on her own are gone and if Chemik have any chance to win they need a team effort.

  • Bosetti backrow spikes :white: