CEV Champions League 2021

  • Maybe that's why I love Vakif even after Zhu departure. They grew closer to fans outside Turkey and it helps them to be relatable. It's the most effective ways to increase your brand reputation after all. That's why, i really hope lots of club will follow their strategy, put some attention to socmed.

  • next year cev gonna realize final at end may by 21 or 22

    This is crazy considering this year we had to wait already almost 1 month in order to watch the final,next year gonna be 5 weeks

    Also it doesn't fit with vnl that is realized always at may ...

    Imo it isn't necesary,normally leagues finish end of april,beggining of may and with this teams gonna be almost with 1 month out of competition


  • Dream team by fans voting from CEV page.

    Best OPP: Paola Egonu (Conegliano, ITA)

    Best Setter: Joanna Wolosz (Conegliano, POL)

    Best OH1: Kim Hill (Conegliano, USA)

    Best OH2: Gabi (Vakifbank, BRA)

    Best MB1: Eda Erdem (Fenerbahce, TUR)

    Best MB2: Robin De Krujif (Conegliano, NED)

    Best Libero: Monica De Gennaro (Conegliano, ITA)

  • I wouldn’t put Eda in dream team, first of all her team didn’t even reach Semi Finals and her performance was quite weak in the last couple of matches. Zehra over her.

    But okej it was fan voting.