CEV Cup 2021

  • Monza i don't know how much money vitra put for heyrman but you CAN'T ket her go

    The woman is amazing and best weapon of the team

    In fact in this 2 set van hecke was like 0% in attack

  • Lets see what Gala(same starters) can do against Monza bench :gone::gone::gone:

  • Congrats Monza, very very good volleyball from them! The middles definitely made an impact in both matches. They kind of thrashed GS lol.

    For GS, it is not much to write but old ladies should be sent next season. It was surprising and dissapointing to see Guldeniz on court, Ataman should have tried Koshe-Ilkin-Alessia trio but he did not want to give up from receiving. However even with great receiving, none of GS's setters can make magic, they are not in the level of Maja or Wolosz lol. Besides that, with good receiving, you have neither scorer middles nor fast wings. So it would be better to risk receiving and have solid attacking wings on the court.

  • i thought GS could do something better...:down:

    unfortunately for a team who depends in only 2 players is like that

    If olesia was good could be help but the result at overall wouldn't have changed