2021 Women Volleyball Nations League

  • Our beloved mom from Brazil! :cheesy:

    You always show up after the matches are over :) I know you don't like this "commercial" tournament but there's some fun to be had

  • I keep wondering why Malygina is getting her chances but maybe this is Busato's way of making her realize that this is not her level and she should just stop :lol:

    By now the problem is Malygina she just refuses to accept it :lol:

  • BEL-KOR: 3-1

    THA-USA: 0-3

    GER-CAN: 3-2

    JPN-RUS; 3-1

    CHN-TUR: 1-3

    POL-DOM: 3-2

    NED-SRB: 3-1

    BRA-ITA: 3-0

  • where can I see all the stats from the last game? do they have that available to check on fivb's website? and i'm not talking about the one on the schedule page

    wait... where did you get this from?

    only the federations have been publishing them (USAV and Serbia from what ive seen)

    edit: never mind, i thought this was a detailed one. USAV hasnt published the full one yet

  • When Italy gets a good look at the ball for a swing I think "Oh no, they are probably going to score". When Japan gets a good look for a swing I think "Come on, I hope you can score".

    I'm uncomfortable with these feelings

    Japan played a great match yesterday against Italy (from Japanese side, all players played well, some were just shinier than the others, but no one played badly IMO), but both teams played great, and the victory could go to either side, as shown by a narrow win of 5 sets with 3-pt margin... last point by Mommi had some luck factor too. Great match, pleasant to watch, tho pretty late hours in Asia.

    “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

  • Ze Roberto has his future team aside from Mayany, Lorenne, Ana Cristina

    MB: Diana Alecrim (1.94/22)

    LB: Nyeme (22)

    OP: Jheovana (1.94/22), Kisy (1.90/20), Caroline (1.90/18)

    OH: Tainara (1.90/21)

    Julia Kudiess and Lorena as MB

    Karina and Bergmann as OH

    Lorrayna as Opp

    Natinha as Libero

    Setter Kenia and Jack... maybe Juma or Naiane.

    In fact Ze has been to conservative but in Brazil he has created his own "club Italia". I expected him to give more oportunities to Ana Cristina and i am sad about it but there is a goal right now that is the Olympics and the time is close. Hope he puts all this players in next VNL at least.

    A lot of this players work pretty well together in his system.

    Just Ana Cristina has the potential to be a great star imo but the others can become great/good players.

    Karina is more ready IMO.

  • fingers crosseds to see Ana Cristina playing today against this young Italian team.

  • Serbian players did something like this before few years back. I dont know why they do it. If you think your action will cause some issue or negative reactions, Better not do it.

    They did it when they qualified for the OGs. If I’m not mistaken, Brazilian players did the same after getting their spot back in 2019.

  • They did it when they qualified for the OGs. If I’m not mistaken, Brazilian players did the same after getting their spot back in 2019.

    WCH 2018, but actually it's not significant at all when they done that, as long as the same mistake are repeated and in fact, it does not raise social awareness in Serbia (in this case specifically, but I think that Europeans in general in particular strive to rationalize this act). A 23-year-old girl certainly has to bear and take personal responsibility for her actions, but unfortunately I think that this move is a consequence of a much more complex problem, and maybe so informally I could reduce it to one, education, education, education, ..... .😡