2021 Women Volleyball Nations League

  • Watching the match I thought Turkey had a good chance to win sets throughout most of it. But they just couldn't capitalize off of anything. Kelsey had a big part in this though.

  • Turkey is playing much slower with Ebrar on court as Opp btw. This is one of the reasons the game is not working as greatly as last two VNLs. When Boz was in form she could attack quite fast and it didn't interrupt the teams system, Turkey was playing very good every single match. Gio wanted more quick-attacks from Ebrar as well but it did not work, it's one of the reasons he has been so mad at her as it spoils the system Turkey worked hard on. It has to be fast because we rely a lot on MBs, luckily Zehra will contribute much more than Asli and Kubra when she is back. Something Ebrar could possibly learn in Novara but it's not always working now.

    Agree! Ebrar is showing good performances and she & Eda have carried their team for lots of matches, but as an Opp her spike approach is too slow. Her opponents have much more time to block and defend her, it’s quite obvious when she faced really tall blockers or good defenders like KRob & JWO in this match.

    There’re often opinions of the sets to her were way too high & slow, but those were the sets she can hit the ball at full strength. Even Carlini had to give sky high sets to her in THY. I also hope she can learn to have a faster approach to spike in Novara. No matter she’ll be OH or Opp after Vargas joining NT, it can help her to become a real elite player if she could improve that.

  • USA should improve their level of play if they want to reclaim their title tomorrow. Today must have been JT's worst hitting match (and I feel like I jinxed her by saying she must be the starter) and one of Larson's worst in general. MBH wasn't contributing much in offense either, but today she was at least defending and receiving well. Poulter hasn't looked great so far and that's worrying going into the Olympics with her as the-supposed- starting setter. Middles brilliant as always. If they had to decide the MVP of the tournament for USA based on the matches played so far, I think it should be Washington. She has played great in every match, attacked well, blocked well, served well. JWO is such an asset to this team. And great work by the subs as well!

  • Yes, USA HAS HAD A BAD TOURNAMENT. I mean they lost 4 sets, minus the meaningless China game in 14 matches.

    sarcasm all of it.

    They are beating teams by an average of 5 points a set even with the China loss. 49 sets, 268 points.

    You may be right in saying that Italy, China, Serbia did not send their first teams. However, Brazil did send theirs.

    The USA will be in the discussion for medals. I would prefer gold, but know that the margins are incredibly tight.

    Turkish team is mainly home league, which a number of the USA players play in. Still 3-1, 3-0.
    Right now it is getting results. Brazil will be fun today. Still I think USA takes VNL. Would be good psychologically before Tokyo.

  • i want to say they lost to China by an average of 9 points a set .of course ,you can say if they sub their main libero...USA can sweep other teams just like Brasil did to others.you cant say usa played bad this tournamont.they just lost to China,they dont use their main libero,a MB,a setter

  • Guys, at this point you should know that it doesn not count how good you are in VNL, if you win by 9 points every set or if you lose a set agains team with subs. Olympics are a stand alone tournament in which every teams find something more to put on court.

    Who would have thought of Korea in 2012 or Monica Puig in tennis in 2016?

  • The winning differential for today's match will be USNT's middles. There is no way that Brazil can match the overall performance of Foluke, Chiaka, and Washington. Gabi versus Larson, KRob, or even Hill is a wash. Natalie or FaGerey versus MBH maybe a slight advantage for Brazil. Tandara and Rosemarie versus JT and Drew's is a slight plus for the US. Let's just say the setters and Libro are equal and in the end it will be the middles that will provide the differential. Although I love a five setter for the drama I think we'll probably get a three to one for the US depending of course on the one factor that doesn't take place on the court and there Brazil clearly has the advantage, the coach.