BVA CUP 2020

  • Tommorow at 19:00 in Lajkovac will be held match for title between Železničar Lajkovac and THY Spor Kulubu.

    I don't know about broadcasting anything.

  • First game (1/2) between Železničar and THY is finished with 3-1 THY win ( 21-25, 25-17, 25-20, 25-14)

    And this is stats for the first match

    Tonight at 19:00 (20:00 Turkish time) this 2 will play the second match of the final.

  • THY had a very poor performance in terms of passing: when Santana is below her standard, the whole team suffers.

    Glad Carlini managed to make Asli already one of the main weapon of the team, despite the bad passing.

    Polen was a beast in the last set, from spiking to serving. :huh:

  • What's wrong with Ebrar?🤔 She will loose her starting spot to Polen if she performs like this:what:

  • I would love to see tonight match with at least a bit better live stream, i mean one set for Železničar which finished 5th in the previous edition of Serbian Superleague against THY which invested a lot of money for this season squad, i mark entitled that as superb accomplishment.

    THY IMO played solid with except of Ebrar and suprise Železničar with lefthand Polen, on the other hand after the first set Železničar level of play has dropped, especially in reception and in this situation result is as expected.

    Important thing also is that we can say that THY have a young squad this season, starting 6(7) from yesterday have an average of 23.7 yo, but all of this players are national team members already and have a couple of years of experience in playing big games in big clubs, leagues, on the other hand what we can say for Železničar squad, non of this things, with 0 foreigners, some invests but minor in comparation with THY and other Turkish clubs (even from the second half of the table), with average of 22,3 yo, and they played in egal about half of the match (1st and 3rd set), i mean that is great to have such a young and numerous prospects but maybe some of them worlds will never see because of situation in Serbian club volleyball.

    Keep eyes on 19yo Rada Perović (#20 - setter) and 20yo Jovana Mirosavljevic (#14 - outside hitter) these 2 girls plays together in Junior National team of Serbia and have very good conection.

  • In meantime, while i writen this very long and exhausting comment even for me lol, Železničar confirmed to me that it will be live stream tonight as well. (I still hope for better - my phone would provide better quality than that)

    I will share the link when they send it to me. :dance6:

  • What's wrong with Ebrar?🤔 She will loose her starting spot to Polen if she performs like this:what:

    I think that she is still insufficiently mature from which follows insufficiently serious for this level of volleyball.

    I mean her talent is undoubtable, but it really seems to me that she is still not ready for the pressure that comes with constantly playing matches against top teams, a situation in which dry quality has no advantage over work and commitment to something and mental readiness. She is often very nervous, she can't get over mistakes quickly, and even that screaming while she serve more likes to me as insecurity and repression of the same than passion and more passion after passion (:cheesy::lol:).

    I think that she will show to us what all of us expect from her but we will must be ready on ups and downs even big like these.

    Not everyone is Boskovic or Egonu, who can play the world's biggest competitions at the highest possible level at the age of 18, 19.

  • And first set to Železničar 25-17. :dance6:

    Also today, Ebrar is horrible, Abbondanza try not to crush her selfconfident and give a chance to start in all matches so far, but she getting worse and worse play.

  • I don't know what is wrong with Vujović (libero), probably injury, this libero Marković is very very bad receiver, i mean she looks like amteur.

  • 3rd set to THY 25-22

    THY is officialy the champion of the BVA cup and will play in CEV Challenge Cup 1/16 final round against OK Kaštela from Croatia.