73rd All-Japan High School Championship 2021 (Jan 5–10)

  • Congratulations Shujitsu <3<3<3<3<3 You weren't even seeded for this tournament and you knocked out the #2 .

    This is going to make for a great FINAL: two very scrappy, very well balanced teams.

  • Semifinal Results 2021.01.09

    Osaka International Takaii 3
    25–14, 25–20, 26–24
    0 Higashi Kyushu Ryukoku
    Shujitsu 3
    27–25, 25–23, 21–25, 25–19
    1 Furukawa

    Cool af

  • This Final has no Loved Ones :)

    Everyone assumed it would be Rino Murooka vs Melisa Valdes. It turned out to be Osaka vs Shujitsu. I love that :heart:

    Osaka is sharper and more tricky offensively. Swing count will favor OH #4 Yuzu Nakamoto, but not to a stupid level.

    Shujitsu's offensive game is power. Swing count will favor OH #4 Megumi Fukasawa.

    Both teams have good scoring middle blockers but the edge goes to Shujitsu because they have two of them who are in your face from 2,3 and 6:!:Megumi's twin #5 Tsugumi and #2 Natsuki Suda, who, from what I can gather might be the 'star' of the team. She just signed with Toyota.

    Osaka's setter seems more wily than Shujitsu's, making their game less predictable. Osaka's Captain #1 MB Akari Kashima and #3 OP Kaede Shigeta are studs. Everyone else on both teams are rapscallions who aren't afraid of throwing a knockout blow.

    Expect long rallies. because. defense.

    Osaka and Shujitsu are both very focused and determined teams. They beat the shit out of the chosen ones with it.

  • Shujitsu Head Coach Miki Nishihata is from Shujitsu HS, played with Pioneer Red Wings and UNITIKA Phoenix. Never saw her without the mask, full on.

  • Such a bummer the Final isn't streamed live (unless I'm missing it, but it wasn't last year) and I don't know of anywhere to catch a live score as it goes by. Just have to wait until it's over and they post the result, then we can watch it. Crushing anxiety, and then it's not as fun to watch. And the images of the bench players with their hands folded, praying, don't pack the same empathy wallop when you know who won.

    I'm undecided on who I want to win. I really don't care. Both teams are super fabulous.

    I think Shujitsu will win based solely on the way they played last night's match when things hit 20. They were down 20–23 in the first set and it didn't seem scary. They came back to take the set 27–25. That's the way winning teams play. And they are taller than Higashi so I doubt Osaka can just bulldoze them.

    But Osaka are so well rounded. I don't think they'll play hero ball --their setter seems too smart for that-- but #4 Yuzu Nakamoto needs to be hot.

    Both teams are so freaking good keeping anxiety at bay. It's beautiful. It's not a Euro-championship but the pressure is gargantuan.

    These kids are playing for their school, and for their prefecture. They have real homes to represent and play for. It makes them, and their mission, greater. That's one of the reasons this tournament is so much more exciting than a lot of the corporate V.League crap.

  • In the SF last night:

    #4 OH Megumi Fukasawa 22pts

    #5 MB Tsugumi Fukasawa 21pts

    43 - MeguTsugu

    42 - Melisa Valdes

    Twins won

  • I'll start with the heartbreaking part. After the win Shujitsu team stood center court, held hands and swung their arms while singing (presumably) their school song ...

    ... to one person:

    I think it was the twins' mom


    [EDIT] Turns out that sole spectator watching from the 3rd floor was the Shujitsu Captain, 大賀みるく. The one with the bloody mouth from the semifinals. Best translation of her name I can come up with is "Milk Oga". Bless her heart.

  • FINAL Result 2021.01.10




    25–20, 25–20, 22–25, 25–12

    Individual Awards source


    Megumi Fukasawa


    Best 6

    Megumi Fukasawa


    Tsugumi Fukasawa


    Rino Murooka


    Melisa Valdes


    Akari Kashima


    Yuzu Nakamoto


    Best Libero

    Nazuna Kobayashi


    Final Standings




    Osaka International Takii


    Higashi Kyushu Ryukoku

    Furukawa Gakuen

    5th Place







    Spring Valley High 2021 Champions