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  • I saw some memes but don't follow. What happened?

    Honestly there's A LOT going on to it. Depp is suing his ex-wife for defamation causing him to lose his career as a result of her over dramatizing domestic abuse claims.

    Depp by no means is perfect, but neither is she. Depp's party are saying that she contributed offenses that would also be considered abuse, physically she threw a bottle at him severing the tip of one of his fingers among other things. Psychological abuse causing him to return to drugs and alcohol. Depp said he was reliving the trauma he endured from his childhood when his mother would do the same to him, his siblings, and father.

    Heard's lawyers continues to share recording evidence of incidents showcasing abuse. People are speculating that she provoked him on purpose while he was under the influence in order to get a reaction hence her having all these videos and audio ready. She has audio of him vomiting in his sleep... The relationship seemed toxic from the get go and it seems both parties contributed abuse to one another. The only difference is that Depp's career was cancelled while she still continues to feature in movies.

    This trial should bring even more awareness that men can very well also be victims to abuse.

  • I wonder why. Would it be because they discriminate people over their sexes, races and appearances, or even kill people for reasons such as they don’t fit in their norms? Yeah, let’s give them the freedom to spread their hatred because we should tolerate those who hold different opinions than ours, even though they want us dead just because they think we are different.

    It's called "Freedom of Speech"

  • https://www.rt.com/sport/55541…an-volleyball-racism-row/

    WTF. Sorry in advance for the RT link, but it's the biggest outlet that covered this.

    Edit: In case it's blocked in your country, the most pertinent part:


    A Russian women’s volleyball team have demanded a public apology from a rival trainer after he was caught on camera appearing to refer to a player as a “monkey” during a decisive championship match.

    Lokomotiv Kaliningrad head coach Andrey Voronkov was addressing his team during a timeout in the meeting with Uralochka-NTMK, which was the fifth and final clash in their Russian Women’s Super League title series on Thursday night.

    Pulling Lokomotiv player Valeriya Zaitseva aside for specific advice, Voronkov was overheard telling her: “Why are you catching this monkey again?”

    The comments have been widely taken as a reference to black Cuban Uralochka star Ailama Cese Montalvo, triggering outrage among the team from Ekaterinburg.