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  • Leave this russian propaganda out pls.

    And who should we believe? The USA said their labs in Ukraine was also Russian propaganda. And then it turned out to be true. Their high raking official admitted they have more than 10 biolabs in Ukraine. Then the media stopped covering it when it turned out to be true. USA has biolabs in Ukraine. Imagine that.

  • Ukraine is a democracy because people could go out and overthrow a government. If CIA achieved that in the backgarden of Russia, Husky123 better question his countries abilities which I don't think it true. And yes I know Bandera. But before Bandera, please check Wagner group and what kind of parties Putin is financing in europe, it is becoming tragic.

    No one can question that Putin is just another kind of USA. They are the same kind of politicians. USA just comes in the guise of being a friend to the country they want to "intervene" with.

  • Leave this russian propaganda out pls.

    You have been brainwashed by the corrupt Western mainstream media. I don't blame you. But to not question the main narrative is not very responsible and dare I say even silly.

  • the silly thing is trying to justify the occupation of a sovereign country with brainwashed propaganda of kremlin.

    At least the western media includes different views, if you know where to read opposing views. It is not that difficult to google and find lots of articles explaining Russia's points in this war and some of them actually support Russia. Can you do the same in Russia and if you try, what will be the consequences? I can't believe we are discussing how corrupted western media is when we are discussing Russia, which is close to magma when it comes to media freedom.

  • I want to see Russia in every continental and intercontinental tournament.

    They have problem with Neutral word?

    Russian Athlets can represent f. ex. Mars.

    Why not? We have Miss Universe f. ex.

  • Michelle Yeoh from Malaysia has become the first Asian actress to win an Academy Award for Best Actress, and the whole country is rejoicing. In the midst of this, some newsmedia have identified Michelle as "Asian American."

    It's interesting that Malaysia doesn't recognise dual nationality and people with multiple passports generally remain low profile on the issue...there may be some discussion on this later on, but for the moment Malaysians are not bothered by what they call her :)

    Photo source: LA Times

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