67th All-Japan InterCollegiate Championship 2020 (Nov 30–Dec 6)

  • 67th Super College Women's Championship

    All matches will be "remote" (non-spectator). Down from 64 to 36 teams due to covid.

    • Three Rounds (1st round is only 4 matches to even things out)
    • Quarters
    • Semis
    • Bronze
    • Gold

    Watch Live at UNIVAS

    The 2020 Contenders
    Aichi Gakuin University
    Aoyama Gakuin
    Asahikawa University
    Chukyo University
    Daito Bunka University
    Fukuoka University
    Gifu Kyoritsu University
    Hiroshima University
    International Pacific University
    JF Oberlin University
    Juntendo University
    Kaetsu University
    Kanagawa University
    Kinjo University
    Kobe Gakuin University
    Kobe Women's University
    Kokushikan University
    Kyushu Kyoritsu University
    Nagasaki International University
    Nihon University
    Niigata University of Health and Welfare
    Osaka International University
    Ryukoku University
    Senri Kinran University
    Shigakkan University
    Shoin University
    Shokei Gakuin University
    Tezukayama University
    Tohoku Fukushi University
    Tokai Mermaids
    Tsukuba Daigaku
    Tsuru University


    1. University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba Daigaku) - Going for three in a row. Minami Mandai, who's won Best Setter every year she's been in college, better finally be given the MVP as well. She's also got two Golds and one Silver on her resume. This team is packed with good players.
    2. Fukuoka University - Two Silver medals in the last decade
    3. Tokai Mermaids - Two Gold and three Bronze in the last decade. Tsukasa Nakagawa, 2019 U20 World Champ setter and Ameze Miyabe are on this team

    2020 Final Standings:







    4th Place


    5th Place


    Tohoku Fukushi


    Osaka International

    Individual Awards

    Award Player Team


    Ayaka Kanamoto


    Dare Fighter

    Shiori Harada


    Best Scorer

    Rino Furuichi


    Best Spiker

    Mana Yokoyama


    Best Blocker

    Sayaka Yokota


    Best Server

    Mana Yokoyama


    Best Receiver

    Saki Nakajima


    Best Setter

    Mina Higashi


    Best Libero

    Sayaka Daikuzono


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  • 2020.11.30 Round 1 Results

    Tournament top left

    Gifu Kyoritsu University
    0 15-25
    3 Senri Kinran University

    Bottom left of the tournament

    Shokei Gakuin University
    2 24-26
    3 Kokushikan University

    Tournament top right

    Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education
    3 25-12
    0 International Pacific University

    Bottom right of the tournament

    JF Oberlin University
    3 25-14
    0 Asahikawa University

    Interesting for me to see a couple players who recently signed with V.League Division 2 teams. I was curious if they would still play for their college teams in this tournament.

    Maki Yamaguchi OH
    Kokushikan University
    signed w/ Brilliant Aries
    Rika Sakagaito MB
    JF Oberlin University
    signed w/ GSS Tokyo Sunbeams
    Pretty standard looking OH, but you could tell she was the main swinger
    Good team overall, didn't stand out except for looking good. Good body for a MB

    Rika Sakagaito must be loved/admired at her school. She is on the team's home page:

  • There was some question whether Kokushikan University would make it to the tournament as a couple students in their karate club tested positive for covid.

    And JF Oberlin University wasn't listed on the original list of teams. Matsuyama Shinonome was originally on the combination to play Asahikawa.

    There were a few University teams that had to postpone or forfeit matches in the recent Kanto University "Alternative" Tournament for "Team Reasons". I guess it's more difficult to control in university environments.

  • Another team, Chūgoku Gakuen University, has bowed out and Kanagawa University has taken their place.

    Looks like I may be saying goodbye to Rika and JF Oberlin University. They're playing NIFS right now and it doesn't look good. NIFS is one of the elite teams where the players respond as if it's improper to lose a point 8o They're a serious school.

    There's 16 matches on tonight :!:

  • Here's a name to log: Sayaka Yokota. She's 3rd year playing for Tokai Mermaids. 178cm MB. Tough. I don't think she's related to the Denso MB.

    Heck, both Tokai MBs are killing it. Let's add Mao Ito.

  • The lottery was not kind to Senri Kinran, setting them against Tokai in the second round, but they gave the Mermaids a run for their money, took the first set 28–26. Then lost the next 3 sets. Great match!

    Senri Kinran is the Universiity attached to Kinrankai HS where Miyabe, YOLO, Yuki Nishikawa, Rene Mizusugi, and Tsukasa Nakagawa, came from. Basically the legendary 2019 U20 Squad.

  • I called this girl out last year: Freshman for JWCPE Aoba Shiozaki. Called her "Yoshi" then, still not sure. She's back, she's bigger, and she back attacks :!::!: I love middle-blockers who attack from the back court <3 She doesn't look like the type of MB to back attack, like Haruka Maruo, but there you have it

    And she has a deceptively good serve:

    [Edit] I'm changing her given name to "Aoi". That's what google translate says this year, and I like it better

  • This is such great volleyball. Full team action, no foreign clodhoppers, and no one's been taught to wussy-whack yet.

  • JWCPE 3–1 Tsuru

    What a great match. 27–25 in set 4. I feel bad for Tsuru. They played so hard. They're a nowhere Uni as far as I know. I don't know of any V.League players who have come from there. A couple players from last year's squad are plating 9-ball this year :) I'm pretty sure they have a Korean player on the team. #13, I have no idea how to find out her name, but she has that bronze hair color and looks like Kang So-Hwi.

    I don't think JWCPE started any seniors. They should have a good run for a couple years. Tamaki Matsui came from JWCPE, as did that weird libero who plays for PFU this year

    [Edit] This is too good. The Tsuru players are in a semi-circle around the coach, crying. He's telling them they did good and all that. This is March Madness. Lose, and you go home. None of this "We'll get 'em next game" crap. It's brutal, and so emotional. This is the last game of volleyball some of them will ever play ;(

  • It's tragic that they are only streaming 9 of the 16 matches tonight, and the top teams are the ones they aren't showing. No Tsukuba, Juntendo, Aoyama, Fukuoka, NSSU.

    There must be a reason for this. It can't be just a coincidence. All 9 of these tonight are coming from the same Arena and I can't tell which one it is. I bet the top teams are playing at one of the other two Arenas being used for the tournament :(

    They are playing 3 courts wide, and if you watch the stream from the first court you can see the other two in the background :) not that there's any benefit to that, as you can just tune to one of those streams :S

  • I have no way of knowing scores that aren't shown live , I wait for JVA to update their web site. This looks to me like Tsukuba is done.


  • Here's a web site with a different story, which is correct for all the other ones I know about:

    This is painful to live through. I have to wait for this to change:

  • 2020.12.01 Round 2 Results

    Tsukuba Daigaku 3 : 0 TWCPE
    Ryukoku 1 : 3
    Daito Bunka 1 : 3 Aoyama Gakuin
    Kokushikan0 : 3 Juntendo
    Tokai Mermaids3 : 1Senri Kinran
    JF Oberlin 0 : 3
    JWCPE 3 : 1 Tsuru
    NSSU 3 : 0 Kaetsu
    Kobe Gakuin 0 : 3 Kobe Women's
    Nihon 3 : 1
    Kyushu Kyoritsu 2 : 3
    Nagasaki International 3 : 0 Aichi Gakuin
    Osaka International 3 : 0
    Tohoku Fukushi 3 : 0 Hiroshima
    Niigata Health and Welfare 0 : 3 Tezukayama
    Kinjo 3 : 0
  • The brackets have been spicy this year, probably due to the fewer number of teams. Tsukuba played Fukuoka tonight and beat them 3–2 to advance to the quarterfinals. Fukuoka is the team Tsukuba beat in the Finals last year 3–2. This meant that either the #1 or #2 seed would get eliminated in the 3rd round. I'm glad it was the #2 seed :rose: It's a shame the match wasn't one they broadcast live.

    Coach Lovebunny did the commentary for the NIFS v Kobe Women's. Why not have him do the Tsukuba match and show it to us :(

  • 2020.12.02 Round 3 Results

    Tokai Mermaids3 : 0Nihon
    Juntendo University3 : 1
    Tsukuba Daigaku3 : 2
    NIFS3 : 0
    Kobe Women's
    Osaka International3 : 2
    NSSU3 : 1
    Nagasaki International
    Tohoku Fukushi3 : 0
    Aoyama Gakuin
    JWCPE3 : 0

    Continuing the spicy brackets theme, Fukuoka and Aoyama exiting in the 3rd round is a shocker. I guess these college teams ebb and flow with new students coming in and older ones leaving.

    This should, in theory, make Tsukuba's quarterfinal match easier but I won't say anything about that so as not to jinx it in any way.

    Bottom line: Tsukuba has to win this so Manami Mandai can get the MVP she deserves. I presume the MVP is reserved for seniors. She's finally wearing jersey #1 and things are in order. She's won best setter all three years she been there, and given her middle blockers the MVP with her brilliant setting. She has two championship rings and a Silver. Let's go girl. Finish it up right :super:

  • They take disinfectant breaks at 13 points here.

    Coach Lovebunny is commentating again tonight. He knows where the young talent is. And he's an "ah no, ah no" kinda guy

  • This is going to be the first Tsukuba match I've ever seen live :woohoo:

    [Edit] And it looks like it will be the last unless QQ or someone steps up. Univas are not going to stream the SF or Finals :(

  • I can't believe I'm seeing this. Tsukuba live! It's a great stream and Coach Lovebunny is doing the commentary :obey:

  • I'd pay 50 bux to watch a stream this good of the SF and Final.