USA-Athletes Unlimited League

  • Well, not the final

  • They have a league in the Philippines? Wow. We really need this to be succesful. The Philippines making us look really bad.

    Up until 2020 season, there were actually 2 semi-pro leagues. The Philippine Superliga (PSL) and Premier Volleyball League (PVL). The PVL is now going pro and is set to start May 8th, 2021. Teams from PSL are migrating to the PVL. Most of the AU girls (Lohmann, Stalzer, Wilson) who played in the PHI played in PSL while Freeman played in PVL. :)

  • I like seeing Larson, Lowe, and DLC as captains... hopefully the teams will be a bit more spread out (and all 4 captains will be deserved starters..... looking at you Brie King)

    Hopefully some other players find themselves in favorable positions to get a starting spot (Ci Michel, Odina, Kelly Hunter, Sheilla)

  • Oh god finally the first round is over. When is the next draft? It will be so much better with the new captains being players who has pro volleyball experience, except Leah. I would honestly prefer Gibbemeyer over Leah, not because she was better and deserves to be a captain, but also because she probably knows who Sheilla is for example.

    Some bad picks of the first draft such as Willow Johnson will be hopefully be fixed. It will be wiser to combine her with Sheilla.

    I did not like any liberos for a long while, especially the girl playing in Larson's team. But Clark was nice to watch and best among all, showing why she was a captain.

    Meanwhile, Aurea Cruz is in 26th place? Gurl you played full time and did not make it to top 10 :S

    I wonder if they think of different strategies during drafts too. For example if you pick Sheilla, you need a setter who can give tempo sets and has better creativity, Sellinger might be a good combo. Same for middle and setter combinations. I am also curious who the OHs will pick as their partner, Bethania-Lichtman duo can be good, same goes for Leah-Lichtman, while Larson might prefer a solid attacker as OH.

  • Poor Aury, she has just 120 wins points, but she's a top 10 player when it comes to stats points. :teach:

  • The draft is tonight at 6:00 PM EST on Facebook (12:00AM UK Time)

    One of the league's people (Joe Trinsey) came on VT last night and said the fourth captain will pick first every week.... and captains are based on cumulative points.... not weekly points (thats the lamest thing ever) edit: thats not 100% for sure

  • Meanwhile O'Reilly is the best ranked setter of the league so far.

    is O'Reilly her maiden name? Or is King? lol

    yea... she's like second or third in the league in digs/set so she's getting a ton of points there. I hope the other players watching have seen her location is bad

  • I hope the other players watching have seen her location is bad

    I wonder if the captains even had time to watch video to base their draft selections on real live performances and not just stats. DLC is not familiar with the recent NCAA players so she might struggle picking the right players.