2021 FIVB Women Challenger Cup

  • Jules

    Changed the title of the thread from “2021 FIVB Women Challenge Cup” to “2021 FIVB Women Challenger Cup”.
  • list of croatia for this season

    I want to see the performance of butigan after doing good in imoco

    Also dumancic was starter in bergamo and samadan was in scandicci

    Cvetnic was in brescia

    Palleggiatrici: Lea Deak, Klara Peric.

    Opposte: Samanta Fabris, Sanja Gamma, Dinka Kulic.

    Centrali: Bozana Butigan, Martina Samadan, Beta Dumancic, Ema Strunjak.

    Schiacciatrici: Matea Ikic, Lucija Mlinar, Katarina Pavicic, Lea Cvetnic, Klara Klaric, Laura Milos.

    Liberi: Rene Sain, Nikolina Bozicevic.

  • This is roster for all competition this season.

    I’m so surprised to see Klara Peric back after so many years and after so many drama in her career. I think She is little problematic person.

    From this season We will have ALL Italian coaches next to Santarelli. He said that it is big problem for NT that many players haven’t played as starters and that is bad for them.