Japan Women's NT 2021

  • Forget the JT and Toyota people. NEC Red Rockets need to take over the NT. It's not just picking players, it's selling it.

    Cracks me up that NEC gets another "NEC players talk to school children" article published at Volleyball Magazine. No other team gets anywhere near the coverage they do. And it all paints them as heroes

    Yamada tells the kids that "in order to grow tall you have to eat everything. Don't avoid things you don't like". Nonsensical Important stuff ! This isn't tweet gossip. It's mainline news :rolll:

    These back channel connections from someone at NEC who knows what they are doing, and that new Strengthening Chairman dude, must be accompanied by Akinori Yamada as head coach. Let's go :super:

    But alas. Viral IG crap does create a bigger buzz than some old school volleyball news magazine :(

  • Araki to retire by the end of the season

    JVA will announce the new coach by the end of the season as well

    Okumura isn't playing I guess. Fukuzawa said there will be a mass retirement following Erika's exit --Yanagida possibly.

    What season?

  • This coming 2021-22 regular season

    btw, I decided to stan Shima. I still like that extra large middle from Kurobe Hosonuma numagorooo

    I know you are just the messenger but WTF does "by the end of the 2021-22 season" mean? It goes until April 17. Does that mean she has until April 16 to actually retire and stop playing? That's silly. I've never heard of anyone retiring before the end of a season (maybe in the old days?) This must just be google word salad and what she really said was "This is my last season and since Toyota won't make the Final 3 I'll quit when we're done and that will be, technically, by the end of the season" :aww:

    I can't parse how this relates to announcing the new NT coach? Like they'll really wait until April 16, 2022 to decide announce?

    Anyway, congrats on the Shima stan . She's peculiar, which is cool :rose:

  • Nishikawa sisters >>>>> Ishikawa siblings

    LOL I don't even know Mayu's brother, but I've always liked the Nishikawas more than the Ishikawa I do know

  • Is that younger Toray Nishikawa an opp?

    She played right side in Summer League with Toray, left side in HS, IIRC. So it’s up for grabs

  • makes more sense for her to retire before the vleague season starts because by then more veterans are likely to announce their retirement and there's an unspoken rule for veterans especially well-known players not to retire together.

    if yoshihara is going to be the locked coach she's gonna wanna pull a hisamitsu-style championship reign before being sent off to the nt. provided neither toray nor nec doesn't destroy that goal.

  • I was reading articles regarding Nakagaichi’s retirement (men’s team) where they say that the new head coach will be selected by mid-October. In this article, they say that the head coach of the women’s team will also be selected by mid-October. But they also made a mistake writing “Japan Rugby Football Union” instead of JVA (at least, google translate says so). Can I trust this website or… ? 😅

  • Did Sakoda and Ebata ever start in a game together during the Hybrid 6 era?