Japan Women's NT 2021

  • In case anyone's interested, here's apreview of the variety show the London Squad are appearing in

    Maiko Kano looks like KYK in that thumbnail

  • You've been BINGO every day these past few days :drink:

    truth hurts a little bit though ;(

  • As per JOC and Monthly VB's description of the WNT / Tokyo Olympic Hinotori Nippon 2021

    Nakada's Hinotori has no official ace, only candidates

    Yuki Ishikawa is THE ACE of ZEN NIPPON

    Ishikawa and Nishida are the main representatives of Japanese Volleyball

    Araki is, by default, The Face of Hinotori Nippon

    Koga, Kurogo and Mayu are the 3 ace candidates

    If you guys follow addshot then you've seen the rumors that the 5 girls that didn't make the OG will also be at Ariake.

  • Zen? I thought the mens team was called Ryujin? meaning dragon

  • Zen? I thought the mens team was called Ryujin? meaning dragon

    It is.

    全日本 Zen Nippon is the term they use to define the entire volleyball national team, men's and women's team combined. Aceshikawa is the ace of both Ryujin and Zen taking over Saori Kimura's position in Japan's volleyball sphere.

  • No AVC for Hinotori Nippon :(

    The Japan Volleyball Association (JVA) is planning to hold the "21st Asian Women's Volleyball Championship" in Pampanga, Philippines and the Subic Special Economic Zone from August 29 (Sun) to September 5 (Sun). (Sponsor: Asia Volleyball Association) announced that it will cancel the dispatch of Japan Women's Volleyball National Team, Firebird NIPPON.

    JVA coordinated with related parties to participate in the tournament until just before the entry deadline, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued infectious disease risk information level 3 (travel cancellation recommendation) to the Philippines, and June 30 It is said that this decision was made because Japan is not included in the "green" countries / jurisdictions announced by the Philippine government on Wednesday, and it is not possible to dispatch teams while ensuring sufficient safety.”

    (google translated)

  • There was a tweet I read awhile back about how Miyashita was the youngest to ever debut in V. League while Momii is the youngest to debut at the Olympics. The transition from Miyashita to Tominaga to Sato then Momii was a whirlwind. I wonder how long it will last for Momii

  • So sad the reigning champions of the U20 Worlds and the Asian Championship are not competing this year :(

  • Move Sarina to OP and make the Kurogo the closer at OH

  • is kurogo's serve-reception stable?

    I think she has marvelous technique. She put in her 10,000 hours her first two years with Toray. A year ago she was jumping in front of Mayu to save her, but the past club year Mayu overtook her, and we haven't seen the Kurogo receive in International competition since then.

    So ... probably not :)