Japan Women's NT 2021

  • Hayashi played really well in the past 2 games, as OH vs Serbia and Opp vs Brazil. I would love for her to have more playing time, but I am also unsure on who should she replace. If she's off the bench, she can either replace an OH or Opp, whoever is not playing well in that game. I think I'll just wish they put her in immediately if something is not working, instead of just the last set.

    I think Kurogo is still needed over Ishii, but I doubt her position on the right. I'm curious on how she'll fare going back to OH. Nabeya could have been the most universal sub but oh well.

  • Gosh, if everyone was holding back on the Kurogo because they thought I liked her ... I appreciate that :drink: But now that ya know, let's unload :rolll:

    I try to be more positive than negative because it makes life more enjoyable

    My take on the Kurogo is she is just in her tween years like Sarina had been for the past few years. Gifted phenom kids can get by, but then you gotta become a skilled, smart adult. Sarina is a lot smarter than the Kurogo, so I don't know what's going to happen. I've not seen the Kurogo's game improve at all over 3-4 years or so, as compared to, say, Mayu's game.

    I thought the Kurogo would slip into being one of Japan's most reliable receivers. She has great technique. She obviously (to me and some others) hits better from the left, so making her a non-receiving OP is the WTF-iest things ever, especially when you add in that she swings without passion and throws "fat balls" (h/t Hinotorious )

    This cycle was a bust for the most part. I don't really care. I like 9-ball more than this NT stuff :) This squad doesn't play defense. I'm not down with that :white:

  • For me, the restraint was coming from VNL not being Olympics but here we are today and nothing has changed. 😅

  • Is koga gonna play from today? They need this 2 wins to stay.

    She's dressed, unlikely to play much though, I bet

  • someone pm me any link, I'm free today :cheesy:

    you should ask in the Korea thread. I'm pretty sure there are some vpn options

  • Wild

  • well ...

  • Short lived experiment

    If that would have been Yuki ... imagine the hate

  • really really love Mayu, no drama, just perfectly do her job :rose:

    that's one of the reasons I'm down for Kotona. She's no drama, too