• she's the first one of that amazing dutch generation to go

    Balkestein gonna retire imo in wch

    Robin and anne maybe in 2024

    As dijkema and knip

    And we don't know what would happen to plak ....I hope this next generation be as good as this ...they have a lot of potential

  • well we kinda knew this

    In last interviews she said she was happy and she didn't miss volleyball

    That's not quite what she said. She's still willing to teach at schools/camps should they call her in as a guest but she's not looking to be part of a team to act as an adviser.

  • That's not quite what she said. She's still willing to teach at schools/camps should they call her in as a guest but she's not looking to be part of a team to act as an adviser.

    I read she was happy and didn't feel the presure or desire to play volleyball

    With that I assumed that she loved her new life

  • Good that she finally made a decision and I'm happy for her!:rose: Although it hurts we will never see her play again... :(

    She is one of the best players I've ever watched on the volleyball court, not only because of her qualities as a player, but also her remarkable personality! She was kind hearted, eager, a team player and humble:heart:

    I want to thank her for everything she has meant for Dutch volleyball and wish her all luck and healthiness in her life!:flower:

  • Can someone recommend me some of her notable games?

    China vs netherlands rio 2016 group stage

    Netherlands vs usa wch 2018 3 round

    Netherlands vs japan wch 2018

    In general all her games in rio were good

  • Rio quarter and semi finals

    2018 WCh quarter and semi finals

  • Interview (in Dutch) with Celeste Plak.

    She tells that she had some good conversations with new head coach Selinger about her future in volleyball. She is also being seeing a sports psychologist. Recently she started to train and practice some volleyball at the national training center (Papendal) with the Dutch youth NT. She didn't know the systems anymore, so she had to ask the sixteen year olds where she had to be on the court:rolll: She wants to explore if the fire and eagerness to play volleyball will come back. At some point the interviewer asked if she could join a event in the summer, but Plak said she doesn't know if she would be able to join, because of the duties she would have playing for Dutch NT again. Hope this is a good sign and we will see her again on the volleyball court :)


  • Celeste had an interview at a Dutch radio station tonight. The interviewer asked if she already has a club to start, but she answered that she'll focus on the NT first to be ready for this summer.

    At first she was a bit afraid that clubs wouldn't think of her anymore when looking for new players. But kind of the opposite is true; despite it is this early in the transfer window, clubs are enthusiastic to get her on board. She can't say anything about it yet and she's weighing her options. She added she just want to play in a country where she feels happy and can find new challenges.

    My guess is that she will play at a club abroad from the next season on. Until then she fills her time with getting back in shape while being with junior NT and head coach Avital Selinger

  • Marieke van der Mark (Baylor) said a goal of hers is to make the Dutch team/help them to the Olympics in 2024 (mentioned on TV during their match tonight). Interesting considering she plans on continuing at Baylor next year instead of going pro.

  • Since club competition nears the final stage, national team season comes closer. Some (potential) internationals even returned to the Netherlands already and staterd training at Papendal. After failing to qualify for the Olympics, the Dutch NT only have to play 2 tournaments; VNL and ECH. I will use VNL to give to younger generation a chance to play and find out whether they meet the criteria to be part of the team in the (near) future. Although I think it's important to have at least one player with experience on every position. Since there are probably only +/- 20 players allowed during the whole tournament, I would choose the following squad:


    Britt Bongaerts, 24, LKS Lodz

    Hope Selinger will finally make her the starting setter for the Dutch NT. I think her playing style gives the Dutch team more chances to beat opponents from a higher level than the playing style of Dijkema. She didn't have her best season in LKS Lodz, so she should become more confident again. Hopefully lot of time on court during VNL will help her.

    Sarah van Aalen, 21, Münster

    Still not convinced if she is going to make a decent setter, but I think she has the potential to become a stable setter. She reminds me a bit of Zivkovic, steady sets but no creativity. Such a setter isn't the most fun to watch, but can be realy useful coming from the bench.

    Fleur Meinders, 19, Apollo 8

    Converted from a opposite into a setter not long ago, so still a bit unstable. I like her fast playing style though, especially her sets to position 4.


    Celeste Plak, 25, no club 2020-2021

    I'm glad she decided to start playing volleyball again! Hope she finds a club where she can be a starting opposite. During World Grand Prix 2017 and many times coming of the bench, she proved she can be a good opposite.

    Elles Dambrink, VCN, 18

    Very talented opposite! She has a powerful left arm, a good blocker and a great serve. Of Course it's only a good performance in the low level Dutch league, but she is only 18 so a lot of time to develop.

    Tess de Vries, 20, Apollo 8

    Also a left handed opposite. She carries her team in attack, so she deserves a call IMO. Hopes she will make a transfer to a better competition to develop further.

    Outside hitters

    Nika Daalderop, 22, Novara

    Most talented player for the Dutch NT and should lead the team in the upcoming years.

    Marrit Jasper, 25, Brescia

    Really impressed me in Brescia this season. If she is able to maintain this level, she could be a good replacement for Grothues.

    Hester Jasper, 19, Stuttgart

    Was unlucky with her injury this season, so she didn't have a lot of time on court. Not sure if she can make it to the highest level as an outside hitter with her height, but her reception is really stable! Maybe there is a future for her as a libero in Dutch NT, since there aren't many prospects on that position.

    Annick Meijers, 21, Chieri

    Another player who didn't have a lot of playing time, so hard to judge her current shape and her potential. Hope she will transfer to a team in the German league where she can be a starter, so she will have a lot of playing time.

    Anne Buijs, 29, Praia Clube

    One of the "veterans" who I believe won't retire soon, so she could help this young team during VNL. Sidenote, I've read she got an offer to start play beach volleyball and she has considered it strongly, but eventually choose to play for Praia Clube.

    Rianne Vos, 20, Apollo 8

    She is a defensive outside hitter, so I'm curious how she will perform at a higher level.

    Middle blockers

    Indy Baijens, 20, Chemik Police

    Overall, she has played very well for Chemik Police when she got the chance to play. I always thought her attack in front of the setter was better, but her slide attack is really powerful. She can be a good blocker too, but has difficulties to read the setter when they play fast or creative. Playing as opposite wasn't a succes last time, so she should get a chance to show what she is capable of as a middle blocker.

    Eline Timmerman, 22, Aachen

    Had a decent season in Aachen. She is a versatile middle blocker, because she masters all aspects. In 2019 she already had a chance and did a pretty decent job back than.

    Laura de Zwart, 22, Suhl

    Developed a lot last year in Suhl! Didn't have had a chance so far in Dutch NT, so curious how she will perform.

    Juliët Lohuis, 24, Stuttgart

    I hope her injury is not too bad. Lohuis is a player who doesn't stand out, but does her job. Although I have to say, I have a feeling she didn't develop much the last few years. If the players mentioned above will develop more, she could lose her spot in Dutch NT.

    Nicole Koolhaas, 30, Perugia

    I would add her for some experience in this young squad, but I wouldn't give her a call for the important tournaments anymore.


    Kirsten Knip, 28, Sliedrecht Sport

    Needs some international experience again after a break and playing in the Dutch league.

    Florien Reesink, 22, Apollo 8

    Best libero after Schoot and Knip, but I'm not sure if she is willing to play in a foreign league. If not, I don't see a future for her in Dutch NT.

    Romy Brokking, 19, Talentteam Papendal

    She has good defense, but reception can be unstable. Only training with NT already will help her to develop.


    Laura Dijkema, 31, Lokomotiv Kaliningrad

    Still belongs to the best setters the Dutch NT has to offer, but I would give some younger players a chance to play during VNL.

    Marieke van der Mark, 22, Baylor Univeristy

    Not sure if she would be able to join the NT in the summer from college. Her hight and her left arm are two big advantages for an opposite, so she has some potential.

    Iris Scholten, 21, Nawaro Straubing

    Didn't have a bad season in Straubing, but I think that's the highest level she can reach.

    Nicole Oude Luttikhuis, 23, Schwerin

    Zero development over the past few years, so not sure if she would be an added value to the team.

    Jolien Knollema, 18, Eurosped

    Talented outside hitter, especially in attack. Not sure if she can make it as an outside hitter with her reception.

    Tessa Polder, 23, Mulhouse

    For me the same story as for Lohuis, but overall Lohuis is a better middle blocker.

    Myrthe Schoot, 32, Vilsbiburg

    Probably the best libero we have, but she isn't young anymore and Knip isn't much worse than her.

    Starting 7

    Bongaerts - Plak

    Daalderop - M. Jasper

    Timmerman - Baijens


  • I agree with you and for me only buijs and plak should be in NT from the past group

    Let the young play

  • Longlist roster for this summer: https://www.volleybal.nl/nieuw…nje-vrouwen-bekendgemaakt

    Interesting at first look:

    - No Floortje Meijners on the list. Looks like she will not continue her career in NT

    - Hester Jasper listed as both OH and Libero

    She's old,she came want to help the team but doubt she want to play there,except for og or wch

  • Longlist roster for this summer: https://www.volleybal.nl/nieuw…nje-vrouwen-bekendgemaakt

    Interesting at first look:

    - No Floortje Meijners on the list. Looks like she will not continue her career in NT

    - Hester Jasper listed as both OH and Libero

    Overall I like the longlist!:) I'm very scared de Kruijf already will retire from NT, so I'm happy she at least is on the longlist for now:D

    I forgot WCH U20 will be held in the Netherlands. I'm sure some of those players would have been been part of the longlist otherwise. It's a shame, because I think this year would have been a good oppertunity to give them some international experience during VNL.

    About Meijners, I wouldn't be sad if she would no longer play for the Dutch team. I think she wouldn't add much to the team anymore, so better focus on the younger generation.

    As I already metioned, it makes sense to me that Hester Jasper is listed as both outside hitter as libero. Her defensive skills would make a good libero and it's questionable if she can make it to the highest level of volleyball with her height as outside hitter. Next to that there aren't good prospects on the libero position and both Schoot and Knip aren't the youngest anymore:thumbup: